AdventNetwork of Southern Africa Issues Statement After Annual Council Compliance Vote

(Denny) #303

…I will not claim what you say, but should we NOT HAVE IT FIGURED out as Adventists??? We are always motivating each other to do the best and be the best in secular things but propagate a form of “ignorant mediocrity” when it comes to explaining or defending our faith? Didnt Paul have it figured out even when addressed those heathens about the unknown god? Paul was always ready and studied the Word deeply… Today we just want to pass around our opinions and not have an affirmative on the Word?hmm

(Tim Teichman) #304

No, there’s no religeous requirement to have it all figured out. I like to learn more and more about my born faith, but I don’t see any path that leads to a point where I have it all figured out.

(George Tichy) #305

Oh man, isn’t it time to look into that LGT thing? You may be surprised… :laughing: Maybe the headshiP thing is not, after all, so improbable… :wink: :innocent:

(Kim Green) #306

All roads in Fundamentalism lead to LGT…but then, where do you go from there? Self-purgatory?? :laughing:

(George Tichy) #307

Oh, those interested can already sign up!
Next session to be held in Oct/2019… :innocent:

(Kim Green) #308

Can hardly wait! :grin:

(Denny) #309

Actually there is.

2Pe_1:12 Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth. i.e. the truth for our time.

What that does not mean is that we know everyhting and can answer all questions, no… However it does not mean that there is religious pluralism and that all roads lead to Rome. When God revelas light then He wants us to know it. God has raised us up for that and so why do we pretend that we dont know our calling??

(Michael Wortman) #310

…but not forgetting that now “we see through a glass darkly” which should caution us not to claim arrogantly that we have it all figured out.

(Denny) #311

Nobody claims arrogantly that we know it all… But we cannot deny the fact the the Lord has revealed present truth to His church now just as He did to all the preceding churches… P.S. Present truth is the truth for our time in which the Lord will hold us accountable for…i.e. they are testing truths. So the Sabbath was not present truth before 1844 so people like Miller, Martin Luther etc were not judged on their keeping the Sabbath even though there were groups like the Waldenses that have kept the true sabbath…(Not modern day Waldenses though).

There are many things God has revealed to His last day movement and this cannot be denied. Whether you or i are trully members of that movement is not merely subject to being in “good and regular standing” in the church records nor being an avid debater on Spectrum, but subject to a personal saving relationship with the Lord and living upto the truths He has revealed from the Word…

(Spectrumbot) #312

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