AdventNetwork of Southern Africa Issues Statement After Annual Council Compliance Vote

(George Tichy) #141

I don’t know what @harrpa will tell you about your statement, but I tell you right now that telling a person to “be quiet” is very unusual here. It sounds so arrogant! Did you get a WebEd job here now? They the ones who can judge appropriateness of comments and then target those who do not follow the rules.

Bro, make no mistake, just in case you didn’t notice yet, freedom of speech IS allowed here. And it is not going away just because you think it’s OK to tell people to “be quiet.”

You are free to say that. I am not telling you to “be quiet” about it. I am just stressing the fact that it is not going to work well for you here because people DO support freedom of speech strongly. If you don’t like it, well, then you got a problem… What are you going to do about it???

(George Tichy) #142

Isn’t it amazing how far some people are willing to go in order to defend discrimination against women in Church?

(George Tichy) #143

The real issue is not WO. This is only the symptom that we can see. The real issue is discrimination of women. And I don’t understand how can people who call themselves Christians practice such a repugnant behavior.

(Elmer Cupino) #144

The period of the circumcision issue until it was officially and finally resolved by both Peter and Paul. Gentiles were being converted and joining the emerging church uncircumcised leading to the blow out in Jerusalem and Paul prevailing by formulating a document that addressed the best interest of all church members. Why were our GC officers unable to follow Paul’s format? Intellectually challenged?

(Denny) #145


I have no problem with freedom of speech… Just because its coincidental that Harpa is a lady (I dont know, i dont check her profile) and i said be quiet has NOTHING to do with discrimination or denial of freedom of speech. I simply meant her waffling on my personality will not give credit to the topic at hand. She is free to continue waffling, its not like i will be bothered reading all the statements anyhow. I will simply look for those commenting with substance and skip hers. Its easy…

In urban talk you KNOW exactly what i meant… Similar sayings are “please sit down” etc meaning you have nothing credible to contribute on a subject. You are not the freedom police so i dont see why you policing me and not her. typical discrimination against those who dont see your views? let the readers judge.

(Denny) #146

And are you not discriminating against me because i come to this forum/topic in the minority…? Did you ever look at your people’s conduct in the mirror and asked yourselves if youre also not guilty of the same? hello…:wink:

Lets debate the topics…I am not a sisy so your constant barraging on my person will not change my mind… I dont work with crowds or majorities… Have you never been in church board and had to vote in the minority in opposition?? Or you just go with the flow…? Or forums are created for those who are like minded? if so please let me know then you can inbox the admin/WebEd to block me again or better delete me…I won’t return a 3rd time you are guaranteed about that…

(Denny) #147

I hear you… But how exaclty would the leadership formulate such a document that is best for all? The apostles came up with one line of principle: circumcision was NOT required to be a Christian…In our case, you are calling for 2 points; those who want to ordain and those who dont…These 2 views are then supposed to co-exist but how then will we call ourselves a world-wide united church?

(Denny) #148

I support it…Thats why i speak my mind through my understanding of the plain Word and not the mind of the majority on this forum.:wink:

(Elmer Cupino) #149

Our brain has two hemispheres, the left and the right cerebrum. In general the left side is known for being analytical and tends to deconstruct whereas the right side is known for being creative and artistic. Perhaps the GC officers are skewed to the left sided brain. You can have one set of facts that will be construed according to whether one is analytical or creative. Should you need a clinical treatment plan, Dr. Tichy @GeorgeTichy Kim @cincerity and I would be pleased to meet with our GC leaders. We will charge.

(George Tichy) #150

If you read my post carefully, you may notice that I didn’t include discrimination as you doing it. I don’;t know where did you find that.

This statement is kind of strange. “Freedom police?”… Oh my. But, yes, every time I see someone trying to make people “quiet,” I certainly will react strongly to it. In Adventism we have to be alert to this “quieting” attempt, because it happens quite often.

Discrimination against those who don’t see my views? Hey, this is becoming totally crazy! I always encourage people to express their opinions freely. What are you taking about?

(Denny) #151

I think we are villifying our GC leaders a bit too much now… I have seen all sorts of things spewed against them that in the secular world could bring upon people lawuits for somewhat hate speech… Nevertheless, the issue of WO was a world church thing. The world voted after hearing both sides… The compliance document was an Annual Council thing and those present voted as well…So i dont see how TW and a few general VPs are taking the blame?

(Denny) #152

Isn’t it amazing how far some people are willing to go in order to defend discrimination against women in Church?

Your words George…

(Elmer Cupino) #153

Our officers are to blame. I have been a chairman of a board and the chairman sets the tone of the agenda and can influence its outcome. Right?

This is were our leaders failed us big time. A regional issue was not appropriate for a world vote.

(George Tichy) #154

Sorry, but you are making completely disingenuous remarks. I am not even going to comment further. If you were suspended before it’s because you certainly attacked people on a personal basis, “ad hominem.” And this is between you and the @webEd. I am not part of this process. I don’t even flag people (never did once!).

Go in piece.

(George Tichy) #155

Yes, after the AC/18, no more free lunches for those people. Pay first, and cash!!! :wink:

(Denny) #156

The chair person can influence BUT should not… I have been in church board for a loong time and i detest chairpersons who want to steal away the show in favour of their agendas…I have seen terrible results of people getting hurt…Some churches i will not mention are actually facing a lawsuit as we speak for such conduct…Its a hefty sum in US dollars.

(Red Livingstone) #157

You are more gracious and patient than many of us!

“in piece”

  • as in unharmed
  • as in unscathed
  • as in whole

(Denny) #158

Let the records be revealed on that one…nothing to hide my brother in Christ.

Anyway I think I have heard you and you have heard me on this matter…Shall we return to the topic?

(George Tichy) #159

Read carefully please. I didn’t mention discrimination, then you wrote your post including discrimination AS IF I had included it. This is why I said, “as you [are] doing.” IU didn’t say you are doing discrimination, but rather including discrimination in my remarks when there was NONE.

If you want, you will understand. But, apparently, you don’t want.

(Elmer Cupino) #160

I take it that you detested those 5 GC leaders who spent 2 hrs spinning their agenda before the votes? Me thinks you and @GeorgeTichy share a common platform.