AdventNetwork of Southern Africa Issues Statement After Annual Council Compliance Vote

(Denny) #161

Let me clarify… I have no problem with a charperson speaking their views or opinion on the matter. Everyone in the board is free to speak or not to speak… What i said and meant is where the chair manipulates the floor to vote their way or they don’t give enough airtime to both opposing sides (or all views).

(Elmer Cupino) #162

How certain are you that TW did not manipulate the AC2018 votes? During the world session why would a GC president be in the dais and not call to order when the previous GC president was booed?

(George Tichy) #163

Big typo. Cannot keep up with so many comments… have to write too fast… That’s when the phonetic phenomenon happens…
Maybe the person is already reduced to pieces by my arguments anyway (:open_mouth:) , so it is actually gracious on my part to wish them… “go in piece”… :innocent: … LOL

(George Tichy) #164

Sure, go for it! :+1:

(Denny) #165

The viewers will judge on that one or remain split in two… If there is plausible ground that he pushed his own agenda unfairly then there are procedures to flag that and bring to book or eventually be disciplined…

(Elmer Cupino) #166

Just who are you kidding?

That could very well be resolved by the GC giving themselves their own variance. Just ask the Oregon Conference. Are you in favor of this algorithm?

(Denny) #167

Umm…Me? No ways bro… Never! hahahaha. i’m too thicked skinned for bible topics to upset me emotionally. I ahve had long bible studies with JW’s and those you want to call EGW extremists…And with the latter I was with my dad and at that time i was only about 12 years old.

This is child’s play lol.

(George Tichy) #168

Now you made a great point.
Can you tell how much time the “NO” people had to present their case? The YES people had the floor for about 2 hours. How much time the NO people got? (I am not talking those 2 minute talks, I am talking on the floor).

I bet you must have hated that discrepancy and unfairness.

(George Tichy) #169

I sure can see that!..

(Elmer Cupino) #170

George @GeorgeTichy what happened to our conversation with Brother Denny @BroDenny. Is he still around?

(Denny) #171

Yes I am here… Responded to some of your points.

(Elmer Cupino) #172

So what are your thoughts over the GC giving themselves a variance but not to others? Why make rules, then expect others to abide but excuse your self? Should we give the GC divine powers?

(Michael Wortman) #173

There were separate wedding ring policies for many years which allowed Europeans to wear them yet frowning on North Americans for doing so. This was an example of allowing for cultural differences in various parts of “a world-wide united church.”

(Kim Green) #174

Telling someone to “please sit down” is not appropriate here…it is rude and diminishing. You can say it in a dozen different ways, Denny. You seem more than capable of doing so. :slight_smile:

(Kim Green) #175

"I have seen all sorts of things spewed against them that in the secular world could bring upon people lawuits for somewhat hate speech"

I am curious…what have you read that would constitute a legal lawsuit?

(Kim Green) #176

In a tough and non-“sissyish” point of view…because we all know that women are “sissyish” and weaker. :wink:

Words often betray what innate values/beliefs lie within.

(Tim Teichman) #177

Yes, I understand. But if you look at Christian history, the church has done exactly that since the first century. Paul’s radical Christianity was altered - even starting in books that falsely claim to be authored by him. The Adventist church has never stopped evolving - despite Ted’s best efforts.

Right. The key is to remain in the world. In order to do that your message has to be received, and in order for that to happen, it cannot repulse people, but must attract them. It doesn’t have to follow society. It can lead to a better solution. But it has to lead from somewhere to somewhere else, to some better understanding.

I think that’s a cop out, in effect. Many things the church does are not biblical, or are derived from biblical principles - but one of many possible solutions, each with its own merits. If we were to have a global discussion of all the beliefs Adventists hold, we would find many more things we don’t agree on. And we’d find very different ways things we do agree on are taught.

When I was in India, I passed by an Adventist Church. Out front of the church was a 20’ statue of Jesus in a white robe with his arms spread as if being crucified. The statue was on a large pedestal. In a large font was the shocking claim (which I may be only slightly mis-quoting),

“Come and follow me and I will solve all of your problems and you will be happy.”

This was a direct rip-off of the types of signs you’d see on the statues of Vishnu and other gods in front of their temples. It reflects the common Indian belief that a primary purpose of worshiping the gods it to attain relief and happiness - for yourself and for others. This was backed up by my driver, who had Christian friends and had been invited to church and promised this same thing.

You will very likely not find this claim in front of the Loma Linda University church or at Andrews or in front of any of our churches in the west.

Many many Adventists do not think that by following Jesus all of our problems will be solved and then we will be happy. It seems many others do.

(George Tichy) #178

That stupid rule about wedding rings is mind boggling to me. I never understood the high hypocrisy involved in it. What gives the Church any authority on us, the members, to a point of controlling this issue?

By the way, I wear underwear…
I hope it is not prohibited by the Church here in the US. And black; hope it’s not a problem… :slight_smile:

(Red Livingstone) #179

You did not know that “Committee and/or General Conference Session, may be given a public reprimand” was really code for “C and/or GCS, may be given a public reprimand”? I thought you knew all the code acronyms. @GeorgeTichy

Commando and/or General Commando Style, may be given a public reprimand" … so you are in the clear


Oh George, you crack me up!