"Adventus Sanctificationis" and Social Justice

“What other time or season can or will the Church ever have but that of Advent!” exclaimed Karl Barth.[1]

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Thank you for this important and hopeful reminder of what the church is in its essence and in its mission to the world. Another possible dimension for reflection on your theme is how the church will be judged in the end. In the Spirit it is to care and be compassionate to all, especially the weak and the vulnerable, in the same way Jesus is compassionate to all of us in our weakness and vulnerability. Scripture (Hebrew and Christian) judges the absence of such compassion as the primary sin that offends God. It is here that the “self-centeredness” notion of sin becomes clear: we care for ourselves so profoundly, we cannot care about others. I am convinced that if one is truly compassionate, one will enjoy the presence of God and be no threat to the future of God’s kingdom.


Evangelicals endorsement of the Trump presidency is a mark how far the church has fallen from Grace. Not since Hitler ran away with Luther’s despise of the Jews have we seen such inhumanity and fawning. It troubles me that some well educated Adventist’s are in full support. The church is to be a haven of assurance and rest. it’s current militancy is grossly misplaced.


Amen! And, Amen! Thank you.


A beautiful expression of the reason for the church’s existence in this article. It is to be respectful of everyone in our sphere of influence. We live in a time when godlessness is rampant and we desire to reach out to those who suffer from the violence of others and are in need of help whether they are poor or rich in worldly goods.
We wonder what we can do outside our sphere of influence–it is not to attack those who see different solutions–they may have done more for the oppressed than ourselves. Perhaps our churches need to provide more avenues of service in our communities and the world. Even the disabled and old desire to have purpose in these times. Just giving money isn’t enough though it’s important.
The root of evil in recent times is the knowledge of sin that comes over our media from a world that cheats, steals, murders, manipulates the innocent. It is already a time of trouble never before seen primarily because of its access to all of us and the possibility of deception. The judgments we make on others are as wicked as what we accuse them of.

I don’t think you know what inhumanity is if you are talking about our current situation. Perhaps those with this attitude need to live in Syria, war-torn countries with no religious freedom.
I support Barnabas, an evangelical group that seeks to help Christians where they have no freedom. I read stories of imprisonment, torture, and death by their enemies. Radical Muslims are much worse than the Catholic church ever was. Christians are the most persecuted peoples in the world today. We hope it doesn’t come here though they are constantly attacked and live in a society that denies God as Creator. I don’t know how you can even think they are “militant.” My husband’s Jewish family left just before the war to come to this country and such comparison with H. angers me.

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