Afghanistan: A Problematic Withdrawal

The United States has left Afghanistan after twenty years. The last aircraft took off from Hamid Karzai International Airport on August 30. This was announced at a Pentagon press conference by General Kenneth 'Frank' McKenzie, current commander of the US Central Command. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had left the country in mid-August. His government collapsed when Taliban fighters entered Kabul. Bringing back memories of the 1975 fall of Saigon, two decades of American military presence in Afghanistan vanished in a matter of weeks. This is a withdrawal "by choice" that poses some problems, not only on a political-military level. The USA did not withdraw troops because the mission had been accomplished, or their presence has become untenable, or they are no longer welcome by the host government. The withdrawal was a choice shared by presidents Trump and Biden and, as is often the case with wars by choice, the outcomes of this withdrawal by choice, doesn’t bode well either.

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Hmmm…thanks for the interesting ideas/thoughts you have introduced!

Not being there is fine, but the departure process was such a tremendous failure in so many ways it appears that the royal failures were planned to be exactly that. It is as if it was intended to look foolish, as if it was supposed to defame our country. It is often said, put a democrat in government leadership positions and failure is inevitable. We witnessed it all last summer in numerous states, California is an absolute mess, Colorado is sliding downwards, New York, Washington, Oregon, and Pennsylvania are prime examples of totally foolish leadership.They have turned their states upside down and made wrong to be right and right to be wrong.
Biden began failing from day one. Childishly he upended Trump’s excellent executive orders and created an absolute mess at the Southern border, shut down a great job and oil producing pipeline plan, and continues to destroy our economy, plus more. We have high schoolers who could make better presidents than this fool. With his latest debacle in Afghanistan he, as Commander in Chief, ought to be court-martialed and sent to prison for life, not simply impeached, because he has blood on his hands and has purposely left American citizens behind. Just today is another prime example of his foolishness. He stated that he will require businesses to require employees to get vaccinated with a vaccine that is not even functioning as a vaccine because all it does is make the vaccinated asymptomatic, but who knows what the future impacts will be for this injection. He has no authority to over-rule the Constitution and remove our liberties. And he obviously has no faith in the “vaccine” or the vaccinated would have nothing to worry about, but yet he talks in a dramatic manner as if he is actually being respected. While Trump made many past presidents and politicians look like amateurs, Biden makes himself look like he is not smarter than a 5th grader.

This was far more than “A Problematic Withdrawal”. And to think, all because of a fraudulent election we have to sit back and watch our country be destroyed by this Marxist minded fool.


There are some interesting ideas…but the end is very…reductionist, caricatural, and, at the end, not convincing (asserting is not the same thing as demonstrating).

I think that the author should have stayed with the subject of Afghanistan instead of switching to a diatribe against Adventism at the end (I was not surprised though as I was expecting it).

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Your words do show a lack of knowledge of many of the issues and just goes on and on with political rhetoric. I live in Colorado and well…we are doing great, not sliding anywhere(unless you grab a sled for the snow). Speaking of snow jobs…


This is a good article.

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I’m not a mental health care professional but I suspect the fact that SDA’s are essentially passive/aggressive as a group and don’t resort to physical assaults on nonbelievers is no consolation at all when weighed against the psychological harm done, particularly to impressionable children in their midst, by coercing and cajoling everyone to live up to EGW’s “carrot on a stick” goal of creating a race of super-Christians.

Christians who, by force of their absolute understanding of her words, and the utter perfection of their lives which those words purportedly made possible, could and would literally compel Christ to finally make good on his promise to revisit our planet!



Imposed Morality

One form of extremism comes from a lack of humility, a lack of self-awareness that recognizes inherent imperfection. In denial about their own imperfection, many are willing to demand from others real-world perfection that is only illusionary in their own lives.

Another form of extremism comes from embracing imperfection as though the lack of perfection removes all potential for ‘living better’. It equalizes and excuses all forms of imperfection as just natural, so that there is no ‘better’ gradation to be perceived. Thus, there is no perception of the value of, nor is there an impetus for, trying to ‘live better’. All actions are equally imperfect and one ought to live and let live, without moral evaluation.

To those who embrace Jesus, as the best example of God’s Image in this world, neither form of extremism is appropriate. Moral evaluation must be attempted and exercised to appreciate and assimilate God’s values, which is the only true standard of perfection.

But to avoid both extremes mentioned, this moral evaluation must be applied to one’s self, accurately, in critical analysis. The results should apply to one’s self, while avoiding the imposition of the conclusions onto others, not because one’s conclusions can not be valid for others, but rather, to be life changing, they must be self applied by each individual.

Externally imposed morality is simply control and not effectively modifying an individual’s ethos.

It has become the preference of those with power, in this mentally diseased world, to impose preferential actions upon others from outside them, rather than to persue the conversation of convincing and conversion of the individual’s ethos to willingly embrace a morality that is ‘living better’, closer to a Jesus-centered morality.

This violation of freedom of conscience is evidenced in a broad spectrum of power-imposed demands. Likewise, the abandonment of a moral conscience is promoted, and sometimes imposed, in equally distorted, power-imposed, demands.

Hmmm, so my brother who lives in Colorado is wrong about the homelessness in Denver? He drives truck through Denver, his wife works at the airport, and they have seen a terrible decline in cleanliness and an explosion of filth.
Simply rhetoric you say? 13 military US citizens killed, closing a military base prior to sending citizens home, leaving billions of dollars of military equipment after the Afghan leader has left, stranding citizens and not allowing planes to fly and land to transport them as Vets have taken the lead and risked getting some out, etc. is rhetoric? The truth is far more than simply rhetorical. This makes me wonder if you even knew about all of these facts.

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In the 80’s, my wife and I drove from San Francisco along the coast as far south as Ensenada, Mexico.

It was my first trip to the west coast and except for a major traffic snarl in LA (duh) that drive was one of the joys of my life, with the highlights being Big Sur and The City by the Bay, in that order.

A few years ago, we went back to SF and were appalled at the decline to the point where we promised to not return. Between the pot holes in the roads, abandoned shopping carts on the sidewalks and hypodermic needles in the gutters—all of which the city provides at no charge—the ship seemed to have lost its sails and its way.

We also re-visited LA shortly afterward and realized that a 50-ish golfing buddy, who grew up in SoCal, was correct in saying “They’ve ruined that place.”

As a hard-core libertarian, who tries to be objective and see the good and bad in both parties, it’s my opinion that anyone who doesn’t acknowledge this in all the major cities of America, or who fails to recognize that these areas are almost invariably run by liberals, is either too young or too naive, to admit or understand the issue.


persistent negative and hostile criticism does become less compelling over time…



Like EGW’s persistent criticism of humanity as witnessed in her Testimonies compels any rational, considerate person to go elsewhere when looking for enlightenment and human compassion.

Fortunately, at least for me, I don’t believe that hers is the “spirit of prophecy”, otherwise I’d be convinced we’re all doomed.


“For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.” (Acts 28:27)

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears,
And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”
(2 Tim 4:3-4)


This planet is doomed. Sooner or later, it will end and burn. The question is to know what we will do about it.


As usual, your faux noise ‘facts’ spew half truths , myths, and fables. Your dear leader trumpster released 5000 taliban during his illegal term. Abdul Ghani Barador was released from a Pakistani prison 3 years ago at the request of your dear leader, who also instigated a riot on the Capitol to overthrow Democracy! This is what fascist dictators do! He should be imprisoned for treason!


The states with highest poverty, obesity, diabeyes, and divorces are the red states, run by republicans and other fascist insurrectionists.


You’re probably right,

So the answer will clearly isn’t religious or political.

For starters, I think it would help if people stopped believing things for which there is not any empirical evidence.

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Is it not a little bit…reductionist…to think that the only believable things are those we can scrutinize under our microscopes or telescopes? Hmmm?

By the way, does it mean that you don’t believe in God? After all, do you have any empirical evidence that He exits?


A Christian who claims to have seen no evidence for the existence of god when that’s all I’ve ever seen.

You were obviously right when you said a few comments back that there’s nothing more to talk about.


Isn’t it you who said that it would help if people stopped believing things for which there is no empirical evidence? It was not me.