Afghanistan: A Problematic Withdrawal

truthisfreeedom: Reading your short spiel makes me wonder again, as I have many times, is there any hope for the United Sates!

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Yes, and I stand by that.

Just as I would stand by this; it would help if people stopped believing predictions which are based entirely on hearsay and superstition and which are, by this late date, some two millennia overdue so that they can get on with trying to live their best lives.

This as opposed to the SDA eschatology which insists we are to spend our lives preparing for a doomsday day scenario which both Jesus and then, 2,000 years later, EGW promised would happen within the lifetime of their contemporaries. :sleeping:

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Distracting from the subject hardly addresses the subject. A Problematic Withdrawal resulting from horrendously foolish calls from the Commander in Chief was the subject. There has been nothing but problematic failure from this mindless person lacking in critical thinking skills.

Why don’t clever people like you enter politics and get elected?

i wouldn’t take what truthisfreedom says too seriously…he just like to get a rise out of people :wink:

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Biden’s absent-minded bungling of his first and only press conference to date—with only thirty attendees and ten questioners—was problematic.

His “planned” withdrawal from Afghanistan made the US departure from Viet Nam seem like a stroll around The Tidal Basin during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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Okay, I understand now what you meant.

Now, concerning the doomsday scenario, it will happen sooner or later, regardless of what you think about it.

But I think that what you wrote brings an interesting question: how to live the best of our lives while getting ready for a coming doomsday?

We’re all gonna die,

And perhaps someday this will happen to a lot of us, all at once.

What an exciting, if not nescesssrily novel idea.

But what shall we do in the meantime?

The only thing I can say is that, in my experience, anyone who claims to have found the absolute answer to this question in the hearsay of an expert, prophet or book is at least 50% mistaken.:wink:

Just for short and only touching the issues : It is an US - crede : Just eliminate the local authorities, by the Army, the Navy, the Airforce , the SEALS - and teach the no more oppressed people real “Democracy” - and they will live happiiy now.(That failed along the Mediterrean coast in Africa, that failed in Iraq,that failed in Afghanistan.)

And the SDA march along with the general line ! (See in Eurpe : Germany and Austria) Our last Union bulletin gave an alarming sight of our future here - so we do not ask about the success in growth after WW II, but adopt "new strategies - from Maine or New Hapmshire ! -(And of yesteryear !)

Well, it means that there is roughly a 50% chance to be right. Not too bad. Paraphrasing Paul, let’s keep what is good and discard what is not (however let’s be sure not to drop the good stuff :slightly_smiling_face:).

You got that right! “Problematic” is hardly sufficient. My point from the very first comment.

I’m simply too honest and too old. As Clint Eastwood said, “A man’s got to know his limitations”.

I don’t like those odds and am not willing to bet with Paul or any other evangelist.

Any use of coercion to achieve any end no matter how much it might seem for the good of a people or person, is antithetical to God’s love. Coercion is of the devil and any person or organization religious or otherwise who stoops to that tactic is an agent of satan, pure and simple Trying to force your will on anybody doesn’t know the love of God You can talk all you want about cultural differences and different world views to legitimize a group for imposing their control over a group. What’s even worse is using religion to justify using intimidations, shame, shunning using scriptures, physical violence or any other tactic to force someone to do something against their will. The mistake is, you think you know God’s will and then try to enforce it. We use the term “tough love” God’s love has no adjectives. It is unqualified. You cannot force anyone to love you If you do, it’s not love, by definition. Saying we don’t understand the muslim culture and their religion is trying to give an excuse for their obvious violation of the love of God found in the scriptures

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I would call this narrow vision to select a few negative items from an abundance of real solutions this president gave us. He got rid of two monsters and instigated no riots–the many destructive and lawless rioters across the nation were the instigators of the Jan. chaos. Now with Biden our world is more dangerous and more lawless.
How in the light of this new carnage can one attack the former president–the evidence is so clear that we were on the right track.

Amazing delusion, the product of faux noise propaganda! Every one of those arrested for the Jan 6 insurrection for the purpose to usurp democracy at its finest legal election testified their dear leader sent them, hardly a testimony would have ever been uttered by any group exept thode cultist members of the trumper klan! ‘God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie!’ 2 Timothy 4

Actually, the whole of the last 20 years of the endless war was a failure. The concept of nation building and women’s education were distacting reasons from the enrichment of Cheney’s Haliburton and the blackwater profiteers, the same NGOs given immunity to target shoot civilians at will, another fine republican project. To blame Biden for the quick takeover by the Taliban and the surrender of Afghan forces is not only biased but extremely short sighted. At least Biden had the sense and courage to put a final end to a non winning American death trap. What did those 20 years accomplish? President Biden is a sensible hero. Have any of your family members been sacrificed for America?

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