After Hours

(system) #1

She: You're home!

He: Can't believe it.

She: What?

He: Another whole day debating.

She: Decide anything? He: Guess so. She: What kind of an answer is that?

He: We disbanded the Columbian Union Conference.

She: What?

He: We disbanded the Columbia Union Conference?

She: One more time.

He: You heard me.

She: You disbanded the Columbia Union Conference?

He: Right.

She: What for?

He: Had no choice.

She: Why?

He: Other union conferences might do the same thing...

She: What did the CUC do?

He: Pretty serious.

She: Start preaching against Sabbath? Keep the tithe? Protect child molesters?

He: Nothing like that.

She: Something worse?

He: In a way.

She: Really?

He: The CUC decided to ordain women.

She: So?

He: Not getting into that.

She: Why not?

He: Not the issue. Rebellion is.

She: You're kidding!

He: This is serious.

She: What happens when men are ordained?

He: You know.

She: People talk about the man's good work as a pastor, they read the Bible, they kneel, they put their hands on his head, they pray, they get up and they shake his hand.

He: You forgot something.

She: Help me.

He: They say, "And now for the first time we introduce Elder So and So.”

She: Why can't we do this for a woman?

He: That's not the issue. The rebellion of the CUC is.

She: Does our church say that we cannot pray for women ministers in public?

He: Of course not.

She: Put our hands on their heads?

He: In 1990 the church said that the time had not yet come. Said the same thing in 1995.

She: That's 22 and 17 years ago.

He: Yes.

She: Virtually a whole generation,

He: Right.

She: Many of the people who were there in 1990 and 1995 are dead.

He: Probably.

She: I say enough time has passed.

He: No.

She: How much more time do we need?

He: Several years to study the Bible.

She: No matter what the Bible says, can’t you put your hands on the head of a woman and thank God for her successful ministry?

He: Not yet.

She: And that God will continue to bless it?

He: Don't rush things.

She: And that God will be with her husband and children?

He: We're not ready for that.

She: And that when she feels all alone that she'll remember that she really isn't?

He: Too soon.

She: Do you know what you're saying?

He: You don’t understand.

She: Yes I do!

He: Getting irritable?

She: So what if I am?

He: It’s not nice to get upset.

She: And today you guys were nice?

He: Please calm down.

She: You can burn your own toast in the morning!

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