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Emerson said consistency is the hobgoblin of simple minds. To that I’d add that the concept of unity is the product of simple minds who want everyone to think like them. So what should one do when confronted with the thought processes of a simpleton? To quote Ron White, “There’s no cure for stupid.” That is, it is impossible to make someone understand your thinking if that person finds thinking anathema and it seems to me the thoughtful person has no rational recourse other than to desist from any effort to do so. But then again, I’m probably not the one to answer questions about interpersonal relationships as my thinking in that regard involves answering a question that even God himself apparently found to be rhetorical. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” For me, the only reasonable reply—given that I haven’t just murdered my brother—is “No. My brother must learn to think for and take care of himself.” And a logical corrallary of this response is that I have to accept that anyone who stays in an organization whose leadership’s primary objective is preservation of the organization, even at the expense of spiritual advancement and that rational thought, is as mindlessly consistent as that leadership, or a stopped watch.

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Through all of this, let us not forget that God uses people and circumstances to bring about His will. Last quarter the lessons were about Acts of the Apostles. The final few were specifically about Paul. Here was someone who had everything you could imagine thrown at him. He was suspected by Christians (as a spy) and he was hated by the Jewish leaders. On his final journey to Rome, he could have been released several times but for appealing to Caesar. Things looked bad from a human perspective many times but God used these to His glory and Paul testified to Caesar.
Other examples of God using people are Balaam and Pharaoh, stories we know very well. Balaam was asked to curse Israel and God told him “No”. Initially Balaam complied, but then decided to go anyway and copped an earful from his donkey. When Balaam tried to curse Israel he blessed them. Three times this occurred. Balaam met his end a few years later along with the king of Midian.
Pharaoh is particularly interesting. Moses asked him to let God’s people go. Pharaoh said “No”. This occurred several times, then we get the 10 plagues, and finally the Israelites are allowed to go. The interesting feature, and I think possibly the most applicable to the current situation, of this story is what happend between each of the plagues. Each time Egypt was afflicted, Pharaoh relented and then what happened? God hardened his heart. We could debate for some time what this actually means but we are given some clue in Romans 9:17 “For the Scripture tells Pharaoh:
I raised you up for this reason so that I may display My power in you and that My name may be proclaimed in all the earth.” HCSB
The Israelites did not have a precedent to refer to, however we do. We cannot say “yea” or “nay” that God is hardening Elder Wilson’s heart in this matter, but it is something that we cannot dismiss. God uses people and situations so that He (God) can bring glory to His name. We do not see the action but we will see the result.

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We could adopt the belief of Southern Baptists on the role of women.

Like Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Al Mohler, who wrote last month that “judgment has now come to the house of the Southern Baptist Convention,” prominent leaders have pushed each other to speak and act during this public reckoning for their movement.

“The world is watching. We need to convey to the world that we care for women more than we care for our positions of power,” said Austin pastor Matt Carter, speaking Monday on a panel on abuse in the lead-up to the conference. “The church has hidden behind those power structures for too long.”


Connect the dots between the 2018 situation at SBC and the Fundamentalist Takeover of the denomination decades ago:

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translation, please?

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Thank you, Bill. I’m sure that over the past week many of us have battled not only with heartbreak and disappointment, but also human anger at the perversity displayed. I have appreciated so much all of the wise and inspiring articles written by our progressive leadership that has helped us bury that anger and seek mercy for those who are blinded by power.

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A number of Baptist churches here in Macon, GA left the SBC a number of years ago.
Members told me the SBC was too Fundamental.
1st Baptist has several woman associate pastors. Earlier this year they had a gay
wedding with one of their prominent member’s son and partner. There was probably
at least 400 in attendance.

The group they belong to has quite a number of member churches in Ga, and recently
celebrated its 25 year.

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If I read the GC working policy correctly, the GC just shot itself in the foot: it will HAVE to comply with its working policy - which policy TNCW conveniently hides, forgets or just ignores.

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