"Agents of Flourishing” Calls Churches to Expand Community Engagement

Review of Agents of Flourishing: Pursuing Shalom in Every Corner of Society, by Amy L. Sherman

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Some very interesting concepts! According to the multiple ways of ‘flourishing’ suggested, its seems one of our local news station personalities has been doing this for the last two years. Through the persons efforts on bringing awareness, the public has donated 10 million dollars for independent charities, food banks, community projects, fire victims, etc, etc. These are real dollars, not promised ones. They go directly to where it is needed and not to overhead. When I think the amount of monies moved from local SDA congregations to the GC, well, we are not doing very much for our local communities in most cases.

V. 11 of Jer 29 is the most quoted proof-text, unfortunately. Thank you so much for this excellent review. I’d love to have a conversation about this book, and how we may apply a couple of recommendations, with fellow members of my local congregation

–Amy L. Sherman, Agents of Flourishing

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