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Dr. Alex Bryan, chief mission officer for Adventist Health, talks about reading a biography on every American president. We discuss his insights into the meaning of the presidency, who he learned to love, and some major lessons on leadership. 

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Alexander Carpenter is a board member of Adventist Forum, the organization that publishes Spectrum.

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i feel reasonably certain that biden is going to win the presidency, and so am no longer bothering to stay up late in order to watch the vote count…a new day is on the horizon…the end of the me-myself-and i age, under trump, is within sight now…hopefully america will be able to control its coronavirus problem, and open it’s border with canada soon…i really miss the beaches of florida…

of course i’m already reading about the significance of a catholic president biden, the fact that we’re still in hurricane season, and the fact that the pope has a prescription for global warming: a universal sunday rest day…

the drama never ends…


Don’t forget the vengeance they had for Obama. That hasn’t gone anywhere. It’ll be back. This will be no utopia.
The drama never ends…

Was the last Catholic president a problem?

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no, because we didn’t have a pope calling for a universal sunday day of rest…in JFK’s day, nobody had heard of global warming…the early 60’s were worry-free days for white america…


Everything appears as a nail if one is holding a hammer. The rhetoric back then was different, but no less loud. If one needs a boogeyman, try looking a little closer to home.


well, it isn’t a question of needing a bogeyman…it’s just the reality that the catholic church is adventism’s favourite bogeyman…i don’t see this changing any time soon…

Is the problem in the endtime supposed to be with a Catholic President, or an apostate Protestant President?

Republicanism and Protestantism were the founding principles in America that made it great. But if this great nation is going to repudiate every principle of its Protestant Republican Constitution, Apostate Protestant Republicans best seems to fit the prophecy that foretells the demise of American Christianity and the persecution of God’s people.


I understand what you are saying. Sometimes I wonder about a possible self fulfilling prophecy syndrome. If/when enough people believe in an “Armageddon” event, they just might make it happen.

there does seem to be significance in the experience of the past 4 yrs, in which evangelical america has turned a blind eye to trump excesses…but i don’t see how a catholic president with a yen for combating climate change can be meaningless when we have a pope who has provided a roadmap for doing just that through a universal sunday rest day…in any case, my understanding is that we’re looking for a threefold union of apostate protestantism, romanism and spiritualism…

It is looking like the conspiracy theorists may very well be correct.

Watching the developing election results it appears that the plan is going to work. With the virus that China and possibly another entity developed and released, so much fear has been incited that a plan to have a USA election take place with a mail option that provided vast opportunity to cheat with illegal vote casting over numerous weeks prior and numerous days after the actual election day, we will lose our nation and the freedoms it has been famous for. All for the power and greed of one government party who wants a one-world government. Only a miracle from God will prevent the direction we are now headed towards. So this is why some have used the term “plandemic”.

Obama was taking our nation into a downward spiral and Trumps presidency provided a great recovery but with a democrat leadership we will likely begin that path of destruction again unless the Senate and House can prevent it.

The miracle is happening right in front of you. The sooner the lunatic leaves the WH the better. Stay tuned.


It appears that you may have misunderstood or not comprehended the message within my writing.

i agree that under obama, the world was engaged in unprecedented cooperation that could conceivable presage a one world government…Rev 13:11-22 certainly seems to be assuming a one world government…if this is true, a biden presidency undoubtedly has the potential to move us to the condition of things in which last day events can occur…whether this is good or bad is debatable…

what isn’t debatable is that trump’s america first - america only - agenda was damaging to the kind of cooperation needed in the world to tackle truly important developments, like climate change, and now the pandemic and its economic fall-out, which is real, irrespective of who launched it, or who neglected to contain it, deliberately or not…biden will likely revive the Paris Climate Agreement , the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ( the Iran Nuclear Deal), for starters…he’s also very likely to build on trump’s Abraham Accord, and keep the U.S. in NATO, while working to reverse russia’s annexation of crimea and possibly slow n. korea’s nuclear program…these are all positive developments for world peace that don’t necessarily lead to a one world government, although i agree that they could, and that they don’t lead away from it…

but we can’t lose sight of the fact that what is significant about trump’s thorough defeat, both in the electoral college and especially the historic popular vote, is the way america, notably black urban america, roused itself to assert the principle of democracy, once and for all, and to free itself from an obvious despot in the making…it’s positively historic that the population that was once slaves has now definitively chosen the course for the country…biden’s association with obama, and now harris, means he is a uniquely positioned white person to rid america, and the world, of racism…this could be his most important presidential legacy…

of course, equally significant is biden’s devout catholicism (and JFK was not devout, let’s face it), along with his age…in fact i think biden and pope francis are destined to be bossom buddies…i almost suspect that the pope’s recent endorsement of same-sex civil unions and overt mask wearing may be intended to boost that friendship, and that he has perceived and assumed a biden presidency for some time…

It would be ironic to have the very people who outwardly deny an “Armageddon” event, be the very ones setting the stage for it to come about.

Since God put the “lunatic” in as President according to Daniel 4:17, it is up to God to remove him from office at God’s appointed time. I pray for him often, because we know what we have and we do not have a clue as to what is about to come upon us. We hope the President in office on January 20, 2021 will be better, but he may be the Antichrist in sheep’s’ clothing?

No matter what is to come, whether we see it or not or whether we are prepared or not, we have time to study and pray to be ready for no matter what comes. The question is “Do we see our need for Jesus, our Savior?” Those who see their need will seek and find. Those who see no need will not fill a need that they do not see.

Perhaps it comes down to studying what the Bible prophecies are saying and applying that knowledge correctly? Many people claim that they understand Bible prophecy and point to events that others do not see as a fit. So it is possible that some may believe a lie as truth and others may believe something else.

For example: In Christ’s day the Jews had a particular interpretation of prophecy that Jesus did not fit. When all was said and done, they found themselves out of prophetic focus.

With all the prophetic knowledge that has transpired since then,
it would be sad for any alive today to make the same mistake.

Should we fear democrats or a far right Apostate Protestant Republicanism?
History tells us that Bush I lost the election because it was the economy…
Clinton left a morally corrupt presidency, but money in the bank.
Bush II left office with an economy in trouble.
Obama left office with a great economy.
And Trump’s economy would have been better if the China tariffs and the virus had never been.
But at the end of these Republican Presidents’ terms, the economy was not as good
as it was when the Democrat Presidents left office.
But when the dust settles, God has the final say.
He puts the person of His choosing in office as He did when He gave Judah to Babylon.
And history is often said to repeat when we do not hear the message the first time.

In other words you believe that the “lunatic” Trump is King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon sort of speaking. Interesting analogy but does not cut the mustard. To me that is a simple way of disregarding the fact that the “lunatic” found enough followers to put him in the WH and during the last 4 years the “lunatic” has become more and more incoherent. On the other hand King Nebuchadnezzar learned his lesson. No I don’t see any resemblance of these two “lunatics” at all.

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WHAT? Where did you hear that rumor? Obama did no such thing. The economy was suffering under his presidency. My 401K proved it. Trump came along and saved it in such fashion he made past presidents look like amateurs, especially the one he replaced and definitely the Bush’s.

The “lifers” in office have grown very fearful of Trump because he has broken the mold. His efficiency, logic, and common sense, with an emphasis to drain the swamp has struck fear in their hearts because they have seen that he will accomplish what he sets out to do. Let’s just keep praying that the dishonest and illegal voting comes to light in time to keep this great leadership in office. Make and keep America safe again. Make and keep America healthy again. Keep America moving in a greater direction until the Lord comes and give that man (Trump) a Nobel Peace prize because the level headed see that he deserves it.

Keep on dreaming.

It is important to remember that Biden & Trump are but a representation of the what makes the consensus of the US. What it truly conveys is how divided and polarize the country is and to think that replacing Trump with Biden will bring the country together is magical thinking. The US did not become what we are soon after Trump won in 2016. Trump won the election because he represented one-half of who we are. The same goes for Biden winning 2020.

Before blaming our elected officers, perhaps we should look in the mirror and blame ourselves. May God continue to bless us, warts and all…


It appears that you misspelled the persons name you wrote of. It is spelled B-I-D-E-N. It is his mind that has lunacy. His cognitive decline is tremendously obvious. I’m surprised his wife lets him go out in public to speak publicly.