Alexander Carpenter Chosen to be Executive Editor of Spectrum

On May 25, the Adventist Forum Board, publisher of Spectrum, voted to name Alexander Carpenter Executive Editor of Spectrum. The Search Committee, established by the Board, recommended Carpenter after exploring possibilities with candidates from around the world. Carpenter will serve as Executive Editor Elect beginning June 1, and will become Executive Editor/Executive Director January 1, 2022.

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Alexander Carpenter is a superb choice. He embodies the creativity, integrity, scholarship, and enthusiasm that supply hope for the future of Spectrum–and Adventism. He will carry on Bonnie’s marvelous legacy.

Congratulations, Alex, and thank you to the Adventist Forum Board.


Congratulations, Alex!

Congratulations, Alex!

The Adventist community and also the Spectrumite community mirror the diversity of current societies, but also the current split. I am very troubled by a ceasing of conversation between different groups and people. May you be blessed by breadth of heart, wisdom, perseverance, ingenuity, and at times courage to rekindle conversations and fulfill your various tasks! I’m excited to see your way, Alex.

At this point: Thank you very much, Bonnie! I remember so many incidents (yes, here in Europe) in which someone told me that Spectrum is their only safe space to authentically face their changed faith or even allow themselves questions. Thank you for not only providing information, but more than that for (spiritually) accompanying our Adventist brethren and our former Adventist brethren!

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The best to you, @TheAdventistPodcast. Congratulations! We all look forward to the continuities and innovations you will maintain and bring to bear.

Rock on!


Blessings on you, Alex. You’ve come a long way since you took a gen ed math class from me at Andrews. Don Rhoads

Congratulations Alexander! While we are going to miss Bonnie tons and tons, I am glad that Spectrum is in your capable hands. Great choice!

This speaks well for continuity, as well as innovation. Welcome Alex!


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All the superlatives!