Almost News: Representatives Provided With Their Conclusions on Women's Ordination ahead of Annual Council

You know Elmer, I honestly think that this too is Obama’s fault…

Fact is that often people are uncomfortable because they either,

  1. Can’t recognize Reality,
  2. Don’t want to acknowledge Reality,
  3. Pretend Reality is not Reality,
  4. Don’t have the skills to handle reality

And panic just breaks in when others “dare” to deal with Reality.


The Issue I take on all this discussion regarding “VOTING” is this.

HOW will the Voting QUESTION be worded? HOW the Question will be worded is a mark of a true politician. Will it be worded in such a way that when one is Voting “YES!”, one is Actually voting “NO!”?

Can someone sneak a Voting Ballot to us early? Same with the Voting Ballot at San Antonio 2015.

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Don’t worry, last time the ballots were very easy to fill out, it took everyone only 90 seconds to indicate their choice…


The By-Line Sevvy is very! very! close to Savvy.

I’m OK with the Time, LOL. It is the Surprise Vote I would be curious about.
Everyone vote in the Yes Box, and then it announced it is Unanimous for a NO vote.

After SA 2015, I wonder how many NEW N.American Union Presidents there will be, and their local Conferences allowed to have Presidents wearing skirts?


My previous post about staff being nauseated was inappropriate.

Still figuring out the wonder of the new posting system. Web Ed, where is BBCode located?

Web Ed, thanks for the immediate reply. The first sentences of the orange prompt were not visible. :slight_smile:

Haha.Nice! Loud snort on the crowded silent Nagoya subway.Sorry to all the salarymen I just unnerved.

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Me,too. I enjoyed the Spectrum coverage of the first two days.

Maybe they got tired of repeating what we all already know…

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Great to see you here Patti!!! We were missing you!
Keep playing with the system, it’s actually great, much easier than the old Disgust…

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aa[quote=“JaredWright, post:18, topic:6260, full:true”]
The short answer to your question, Kevin, is that the symposium coincided with the Adventist Forum Conference where most of Spectrum’s staff were busy for the whole weekend.

Is there a longer answer? Will coverage resume now that both have ended?

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Why would Spectrum want to push more traffic to the symposium? You all had your say at the TOSC meetings, so now we’ll just wait and see what Annual Council recommends next week.


aa[quote=“annlamothe, post:33, topic:6260, full:true”]
Why would Spectrum want to push more traffic to the symposium? You all had your say at the TOSC meetings, so now we’ll just wait and see what Annual Council recommends next week.

Anything that was so horrendously negative that it managed to drive half of the anti-WO TOSC delegates away from that postion deserves to be showcased to the rest of the world so they too can be warned as to the reasons why they should cut all ties to the anti-WO and their “headship” theories.

While I am a great believer in the superiority of positive presentations of the good over negative depictions of the bad… there are some cases where a close look at how bad the bad can really be is the shortest route to causing a great desire to turn away from the bad and instead pursue the good.

So my thought is to bring on the reports… so the false bases and arguments can be exposed and countered and the connections made between the false theories and the pain and suffering the cause.

TW has sent out his appeal in the Adventist Review for EVERYONE to study the issue for themselves. We cannot expect the AR to give the negative side of anti-WO… so that rather leaves it up to those here on Spectrum.


I agree that they were their own worst enemy at TOSC. The more passionate they got, the more many committee members didn’t want to be associated with their point of view. You’re probably right that the symposium accomplished the same thing with viewers. In no way do I think their symposium will have any effect on the outcome of the vote next week at Annual Council. They’re headed for a great disappointment.


The Sympossum was nothing but a desperate act of rebellion.
Those people just disrespected what they themselves did as TOSC participants. Because they were not able to impose their discriminative oppression at TOSC, they gathered a few extremists for a parroting session in the hope that those in the audience were brainwashed within 24 hours of intense repetition of the same “marvelous statements.”

I am sure they expect that this Sympossum will affect the incoming AC in some way. Hopefully it will actually backfire…

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Hopefully it will give “the incoming AC” a good look at what transpired at the TOSC…( which is not totally apparent even by close readings of the documents that are available that were presented)… and have the same influence in the same direction as did the “passionate” presentations at TOSC!.

Notice what Ann said…there is a lot that is included in her word “passionate” and the reactions of some of the TOSC members. You say, “Those people just disrespected what they themselves did as TOSC participants.” I would go further than this and say that the evidence strongly suggest that they have no concept of respect… or “disrespect”. If they did, they would be willing to humbly acknowledge the ways in which they acted there which caused such a “falling away” from their own positions. They have not done so. Some of them WERE disciplined by the TOSC itself… in that some underhanded acts were exposed and reprimanded… and to my latest knowledge at least one such document was so offensive that it was not included in those that are posted. It would be interesting…( if anyone knows precisely which one that was… and who its real author was)… to know whether it has now been made available… maybe even presented… by the organizers of this recent Symposium.


We used to include an overly-obvious satire warning with all our BarelyAdventist posts but then we got complaints that it spoiled the joke… Can’t win!


Great post. But I think you’ve been possessed by the same devil that created the women’s lib movement. Does he have a name? Do you commune with him daily? (Inappropriate. - website editor)

We all know that men must be in charge because our reproductive organs are on the outside. This is obvious. Don’t rock the boat.

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I blame George Bush…