An Adventist Story for a Wider World

Sari Fordham, associate professor of English at La Sierra University, talks about her forthcoming memoir — a tale of growing up as a missionary’s kid in Uganda — and why it’s not your typical missionary story. 

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Since you invite suggestions for further reading, I will put reluctance aside and suggest my spiritual memoir of a journey from Montevideo, Uruguay to Berrien Springs, MI.


Is this the reference you suggest… *Finding My Way in Christianity: Recollections of a Journey* (2010)

Sounds interesting. Are you an Adventist? A fomer SDA? Or do I have to wait for your story to find out? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

Yes, that is it.

By the way, are you related to Herbert Douglas. I was his classmate at the SDA Seminary in Takoma Park back in 1956-58. We had lots of time together, many times at lunch at the cafeteria of the Review and Herald next door to the Seminary.

Yes, I am a fourth generation Adventist and still a member of the Spanish SDA Church in Berrien Springs, MI

Thank you for your response, it gives some context. :+1:

So looking forward to reading your memoir Sari, having been a missionary kid (with my 2 brothers) in Africa around the same time as you. I remember hearing all about the horrors of Idi Amin and being glad we didn’t live in Uganda.

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