An Invitation to Help Sustain Independent Adventist Journalism

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday.

Along with non-profit organizations around the world, Spectrum participates in Giving Tuesday as a way to invite our reading community to participate in Independent Adventist Journalism.

This year, we're making a special invitation to those who are long-time readers but might be first time contributors. We invite you to join thousands of Spectrum's financial supporters in helping us do the critical work of providing independent news and analysis.

There are four ways you can give:

1. DONATE ONLINE. Click here go to our secure donation page.

2. CALL OUR OFFICE at (916) 774-1080 with your credit card information

3. MAIL A CHECK to Spectrum, P.O. Box 619047, Roseville, CA 95661-9047 (and put "Giving Tuesday" in the memo).

4. DONATE SECURELY VIA PAYPAL. Click the Donate Button Below. (The page will say "Association of Adventist Forum.")

Thank you! We are deeply grateful to all our community members who help keep Independent Adventist Journalism vibrant and strong!

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I’M IN. My wife is in also, ( and she is a conservative Adventist, but she likes new perspectives on old themes, Thank God) and we’ll give what we can now and in the future even more after we finish building our house.


Thank you intrinsa for being a regular part of our commenting community and a contributor to Spectrum. We appreciate you!


Thank you sir, I may have to get a larger hat size.