An Open Letter From Dan Jackson to Female Pastors in the North American Division

What is Elder Jackson saying when he counters the direction of GC leadership?

Maybe he feels leadership has not included him in their inter circle plans? So this is retaliation?
Maybe he has strongly expressed his viewpoint and is seen as one who is not a good team player.
Maybe he knows he will soon to retire, so he can work at cross purposes to leadership without fear.
Maybe he is endeavoring to counter the forceful authoritative stance of leadership.

Maybe his independence is a failure in leadership of Wilson and company to create a team approach to complex policies that require concusses to move forward. Other then poor leadership, there is only one reason why leadership does not listen to the objections of other leaders–is that their high position entitles them to be the voice of God.

“I invite you pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the church during this period.”

I do not know Dan Jackson, and this ‘open letter’ is not to me, so this ‘reply’ is not to him:

Who, or which ‘spirit’ has guided ‘the church’ into ‘this period’ ?

"Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you."
Jesus speaking. John 16:13-15 KJV

As a ‘minor’, I spent 10 ‘years’ in SDA schools, 95% of that time within an hour of Battle Creek and Andrews University. I listened to the Sabbath sermons of many different SDA pastors passing through. Yet, I was never ‘guided’ by SDA teachers or pastors into the ‘truth’ of SDA history from the 1888-era. After I turned 30, my SDA-schooled wife (whose parents both worked for the SDA church) and I were ‘guided’ to stumble across the ‘truth’ that SDA General Conference Leaders had – according to the ‘Spirit of Prophecy’ – rejected Christ, and therefore the guidance of His ‘Spirit’.

Now, the Holy Spirit can ‘guide’ until it ‘turns blue in the face’ with the effort, but if SDA leaders insist on going their own way, instead . . . well, what is the point in praying for what SDA leaders want to avoid ?

What good is the ‘Latter Rain’ of the Holy Spirit of ‘truth’,
if we repeatedly pull out our umbrellas, preferring lies ?

I’m sure it was not SDA church ‘policy’ to reject Christ and His Gift of the Holy Spirit,
circa 1888 . . . but many SDA leaders did it, anyway, while people in the ‘pews’ heartily enjoyed the ‘Rain’. So, who broke the ‘unity of the Spirit’ back then ?
The led ? . . . or the leaders ? Does history repeat itself ?


An interesting analysis and prognosis of the situation which I will be watching with great interest.

I appreciate Dan Jackson’s leadership in this matter of WO. He is measured, courageous and principled in his responses. He models obedience to the highest Authority above all and over all. Too many times in history injustice was perpetrated unfettered simply because people were intimidated into silencing their consciences because of peer pressure or fear of reprisals. Slavery wouldn’t have ended were it not for men and women of courage. The killing of Jews by the Nazis would not have happened if enough people had raised their voices and votes against it. I, like Dan Jackson, will not have my conscience silenced by so-called unity statements which seek to subvert principles of equality and fairness, and which also seek to subvert God’s calling of men and women to ministry


Do you think that in the economy of Israel, when God set up the priestly system it was gender discrimination on path of God Himself? Because He is the one that set up the priestly Ministry.Was He making a mistake? I don’t understand how we cannot see God as the one who sets the agenda and our duty is to follow. I believe we have been shaped by the culture of the world, which seem to suggest that we write our own rules and relativism is our golden rule.
. A woman can never be equal to a man nor a man equal to a woman in there God given function. God created us differently because we aught to function different from each other. If we are equal in function then a man should be able to carry a baby for nine months or else it is really not fair for him to receive the same parental respect love and affection.
Because the woman is the one who carried that baby, went through the discomforts of swollen feet,upset stomach,C- section,any other complications and birth pains. How is that for equality of parent-hood? Something has to be wrong with God’s agenda right? Friend this whole issue is an attack on God’s leadership. God can’t be fear because it was both Adam and Eve that sinned. God is not equitable.
This is the real issue.
And last but not lease, God has set up the family structure to reflect the Godhead and the structure of the Church also. So has the structure of the Godhead changed?


In a speech not long before Hillary Clinton launched her 2016 presidential campaign, she made a stunning declaration of war on religious Americans. Speaking to the 2015 Women in the World Summit, Clinton declared that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Religious beliefs have to be changed? This is perhaps the most radical statement against religious liberty ever uttered by someone seeking the presidency. It is also deeply revealing. Clinton believes that, as president, it is her job not to respect the views of religious conservatives but to force them to change their beliefs and bend to her radical agendas.

The first paragraph above in her 2016 presidential campaign declared that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Yes, I can imagine the ominous U.S. President Hillary Clinton is a threat to religious liberty.

The reality has begun with the ominous General Conference to religious liberty self administration. A radical threat to opposing the ordination of women.

The General Conference and Hillary Clinton deserved each other. The First Woman President…Hillary Clinton house cleaned, changed the GC’s structural gender biased, deep-seated adventism cultural codes and deep-seated GC self-proclamation ominous religious rites, rights, beliefs, discrimination of women…of deep seated bullies…PERIOD!

Can you please share with us the full context of Hillary’s message from which these words were cherry-picked?


And yet the whole point of the SdA denomination is to take a message to all the world that will change cultural codes (no more sacrificing children in the flames of Moloch), change religious beliefs (no more worshiping of idols), and changed structural biases (no more having Sunday the only day of religious activities).

Of course religious beliefs have to be changed. That is why Jesus came.

It is also the Constitution of the United States - you don’t get to impose your religious beliefs on other people, no matter how firmly you believe them, and no matter what your religion tells you to do to non-believers.


The SDA Church covers the world trying to take the gospel message to all nations trough the leadership oh thirteen divisions. The NAD is the one division with more educational institutions and financial means. The NAD has been a blessing to the world church in the past. Now days, some of the most influential leaders in this division are more concern with WO, than for the salvation of souls in North America. Now at the end of times, it seems that they have a new gospel to preach.
Among the leaders of the thirteen divisions, the leader from The NAD instead of working to bring order and discipline within the church has become the source of rebellion, by using his position to promote chaos. His statements and his open letter provide ground for rebellion and uncertainty among church members.
As serious students of scriptures, we don’t need to be surprised with these leaders and their actions. In the pages of the New Testament we find the story of one of the twelve leaders chosen by Christ. Out of the twelve, eleven were not perfect, but were loyal to the words of God; consequently guided by the Holy Spirit they accomplished great deeds for the Kingdom of God. Curiously enough the one with more formal education and with the finances in his hand chose to become the traitor and betrayed Jesus Christ. In the end he took his own life. Do you imagine if he had live longer what kind problems he would have created within the apostolic Church?
The leaders of the world church called more than one hundred theologians from all parts of the worlds to deal with the issue of WO. They spent time and energy pondering the issue. At the end, there was no agreement, so the best that they could do was to recommend the delegates of all divisions to decide on way or the other on this matter. They did this harmony with the writing of Ellen G White and the customary decision making of the church. At the sessions of the General Conference all opportunity was given to both sides to present their best argument in favor of their positions. Later a vote was taken in the way the church decides all its matter. Voting and accepting the voice of the people is at the core of the decision making of the church starting from the single church boards all the way up to the general conference sessions. Confronted with an adverse result, rebellious leaders did not accept the resolution coming from the assembly God’s people. This attitude has only one name, rebellion. What a sad event coming from a church that had a reputation of unity and respect for the elected leaders. The enemy of the church is happy by keeping God’s church arguing for ever over and issue already voted and rejected twice.
Our church has been blessed with more than one hundred universities around the world. Thanks God that wisdom is not locate on one place. Those of us who had the opportunity to serve our church in several divisions had the joy to meet men and women dedicated to win souls for Christ, these lay people and church workers did not have the ambitions of being ordained to do God’s work. They labor for the salvation of souls not for positions or titles. They are loyal to leadership of the world church.
Some persons think that in order to understand the topic of WO we to hear from the most brilliant minds, or perhaps to read many books on the subject. To this respect let see what Mrs. White said “Truth is straight, clear and stand put boldly in its own defense. But is not so with error. It is so winding and twisting that needs a multitude of words to explain it in its croaked form “EW p 96

Thanks Dan for your letter. Maybe there is hope.

Here’s something for your office wall:


So…take a church that is in a division or conference which supports WO.
Now consider if that church,by a great majority, holds a position against WO like the denominational status quo. Do you sense how the minority in that church can use the conference or division position to cause friction?
I feel a whole lotta shakin going on.

I think Elder Jackson should be asked whether he would support the ordination of women, not only their employment as pastors. They could be commissioned to act as pastors but would they be ordained? The issue has never been whether they can serve as pastors but whether like men they can be ordained.


Where in the scriptures do we see a woman as a high priest even priest we know Aaron had daughters so sharely we can find one.

Speaking on elders it says Bishops are to be husbands of 1 wife 1 Tim 3:2 point bishop’s are elders so by this text it disqualifies women as elders so how can they even be pastors

You will find not one EGW comment suggesting women as pastors furthermore when she talks about a pastors household she always states wives to support their husband never spouse as to suggest a woman pastor there’s nothing remotely close to women being pastors or elders in the bible nor the sprint of prophecy see being an elder in age is not the same as a elder of a church

This is about usurping the authority of Gods structure for the church and the home this is not about a womans abililty or skill to hold a position but about obedience

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This is exactly what a competent, caring, strong, and sensitive Pastor and leader does.
Pastor Jackson is a good man, a humane soul, a good leader, not a discriminator of women.

“The disaster, the real disaster, believe me” ( :wink: ) is that the NAD has an inconvenient interference of the GC, that is now in the hands of an intransigent, ultraconservative, LGTarian, and purely Whiteist President. Donald Trump would say, again, “This is a disaster, a disaster, believe me, believe me!” … :wink:

No doubt about it Andreas! It’s been clear, since the beginning of this ridiculous process (TOSC, the in-famous question voted in SA, the “grave consequences” threat, etc) that the real issue is nothing but a fight for maintaining the POWER & CONTROL in the hands of males in the Church. Men who certainly could benefit from a good psychotherapist to address their needs to subjugate and control women. All done in name of God, but actually executed by men who think their are the “gods” in charge of the Church. People who use the tool of “discrimination” to enforce their ill thinking and needs.

Apparently you are not well acquainted with the real and common politics that are practiced in Church by individuals that manipulate the system so smoothly and smartly that many members end up believing that the people from the world Church are actually responsible for the absurdities that happen at the GC level. Keep in mind that well informed people, if they are sane, would never support such manipulation and malicious control on the part the “religious” leaders on the top, “the guys upstairs in black suits.”

Elmer, I think the sentence should read, “…No one but me wants to split this church.” Because so far this is exactly what Ted Wilson has been doing! So, does he now want us all to blind ourselves and just forget about everything he has done so far to perpetuate discrimination of women in our Church?

Hmmm, this definitely rings a bell!
What about the LGTarians getting into power democratically only to circumvent or dismantle the part of the Church that opposes the heresy of perfectionism - which is now invading the church disguised as LGT, a very elusive and deceiving scheme? Unlike many former GC Presidents, Ted Wilson NEVER denounced the infiltration of this heresy. On the contrary, the GC supports some independent satellite SDAs ministries with funds, I am not sure if tithes, or not. But the money goes to ministries that preach LGT vigorously, and fight in favor of discrimination of women.

Psychologists and other mental health professionals know that there is no such thing as “superiority complex.” Any appearance of its resemblance clearly reveals that an “inferiority-complex” is the problem. This is why I say that those discriminators should all go to some competent psychotherapist. @elmer_cupino and I can send them some business cards… :innocent: :wink: :laughing:

I bet she would be asking, “You gave me a certificate of ordination, so why can’t you give it to other women? What is wrong with you males???”

Bingo!!! Someone dropped the ball when they created the original 50-page document. But then, suddenly they changed it quickly and came with that beautiful statement (bs) to be voted, offering “grace” to the Unions. Why?

Well, if they made the Unions into MISSIONS, they realized that missions never send money to anybody… Just imagine the PUC, CUC, etc becoming Missions… That would be the obituary of the GC - unless they moved their headquarters to Africa.

Therefor, quid pro quo, “grace” pro money!" DEAL!!! (For one year…, right…!)

I think this question may actually be embarrassing to him. However, there is certainly a reason why you, Dr. Kubo, are addressing the issue…
=-=-=-=-=-=-[quote=“cagedfreebird, post:47, topic:12123”]
This is about usurping the authority of Gods structure for the church and the home this is not about a womans (sic) abililty (sic) or skill to hold a position but about obedience
I am always appalled when I see people saying whatever it takes to perpetuate discrimination of women in our Church. Amazing fact!..


It appears to me that those who support WO are more concerned about the "ordination of women " by any means than by ensuring that how this is accomplished is acceptable to God.

God told David that he would be king. David waited on the Lord for this to happen. He did not dishonor Saul to secure the throne.

I believe that if WO is God’s will for His church, it will happen.

As SDA Christians, we need to respect the process that God has chosen for His church. The unions that have chosen to ordain women, are not respecting this process, for which I am ashamed.

WO is not more important than the unity of the church and acting in a manner that glorifies God.

Pastor Wilson, has been vilified by so many who are in favor of WO. That is certainly not Christ like.


It has already happened. Spirit filled women of God have been affirmed by their congregations and authorized in the name of Jesus to serve using their pastoral gifts.

Study the ordained women in China and their Spirit leadership that have brought thousands to Christ.

Study EGW’s career as an ordained pastor. She said the Lord Himself ordained her.

Let’s NOT hold back the Spirit in these last days.


Who gets to decide if the means are acceptable?

That’s nice, but someone actually has to make it happen.

How are we to know what process God has chosen?

I disagree. Equal treatment of all, and in fact elevating the underclass and the disadvantaged to a superior position is a core teaching of Jesus. “The first shall be last…” Church leaders that promote discrimination are acting in an anti-Christian way. Letting them continue to do so without challenging it is also anti-Christian, based on Paul’s teaching on how to conduct a church.

Jimmy is right:


As Al Jolson once said “You ain’t seen nothin yet”.

In the fall I was able to sit in on a meeting with women pastoral students and Mark Johnson at Berman University. It was basically stated that the only way women would be hired is if there was a large influx from evangelism.
I asked if that was the case were they going to refund tuition money or were they going to stop letting women into the program. He couldn’t or wouldn’t answer.
The Canadian conference says they will hire women but they’re not. Hardly any women even get interviews much less hired.
It is time to hold leaders accountable. Men who publically say all the right things but really have no respect for women in ministry. They need to be removed from office. This includes Mark Johnson and yes Ted Wilson.


There is an official theory for this called “Benevolent Sexism” and “Ambivalent Sexism.” Benevolent sexism is, for the sexist, a subjectively positive attitude toward women in traditional roles. It involves idealization of women and paternalism. Both hostile sexism and benevolent sexism justify and maintain patriarchy and traditional gender roles.