Andrews University Appoints Christon Arthur as New Provost

Current Andrews University provost and president-elect Andrea Luxton has written the following letter to announce her replacement in the provost's office:

Dear campus community,

I am pleased to announce that yesterday, May 11, 2016, the Andrews University Board of Trustees elected Christon Arthur to serve as the next provost of Andrews University.

Christon will replace me as I begin my new role as the next president of Andrews University on July 1, 2016. Prior to becoming provost-elect, Christon has served as dean of the Andrews University School of Graduate Studies & Research since 2010. In addition to that role, he has also served as associate provost, with responsibilities for faculty policy and faculty development, since 2012.

Prior to coming to Andrews University, Christon served as an associate dean and associate professor within the College of Education at Tennessee State University, and also as an acting and interim department head of education administration there. In addition, Christon has worked as an elementary and secondary teacher, and as department head of arts and general studies in Grenada. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from Caribbean University College (now University of the Southern Caribbean), and MA, EdS and PhD degrees in education from Andrews University, and has completed postgraduate training at Harvard University’s Institute for Management and Leadership in Education.

The selection of Christon as provost was guided by the work of an internal Provost Search Committee, which I chaired. The committee was made up of Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and student representatives, and began meeting in March 2016. Following a review of applicants, the committee selected three accomplished finalists, including two candidates who are currently part of the Andrews community, and one off-campus candidate who had previously been an Andrews faculty member.

Those finalists met and were interviewed by a variety of campus faculty and staff groups, with recommendations made to the Search Committee, which made its choice and recommendation to the Andrews University Board of Trustees. The Board formally confirmed the selection of Christon as provost-elect in a telephone conference call on Wednesday, May 11, and electronically mailed ratification votes of their decision over the next 24 hours.

As our search committee reviewed the potential candidates for provost, some of the most-used descriptors for Christon referred to his spiritual leadership, vision, collaborative teamwork and his focus on student success and mentoring. Under Christon’s leadership the graduate culture at Andrews has been transformed and he has also introduced a range of initiatives for faculty and students that have been both innovative and forward-thinking and have helped move Andrews University toward a future of strength and success.

Personally, it’s been a privilege to work alongside Christon over the last five years as graduate dean and, more recently, as associate provost. I now look forward to the strength, passion and vision he’ll bring as the next provost of Andrews University.

Christon has this to say about his new appointment:

"I see the role of the provost as giving one’s best advice to the president, and providing academic leadership to help ensure that academic programs and processes are known for their excellence and academic rigor. An Andrews education is a whole-person endeavor that needs to add value to every dimension of students’ lives—body, mind and spirit—within the classrooms, but also where they pray, live and play."

Christon will assume the post of provost on July 1, 2016, when I begin my term as the sixth president of Andrews University. The formal plan to replace the dean of the School of Graduate Studies & Research will be announced at a later date.

Please join me in congratulating Christon Arthur on this new appointment.


Andrea Luxton Provost & President-Elect

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Congratulations to Dr. Christon Arthur on his appointment as Provost of Andrews University.
(This letter has a number of typos. I hope it did not officially go out like this.)

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A very excellent choice! All the best to Dr. Arthur as he assumes his new responsibilities.

May the Holy Spirit grant him and President Luxton the vision and courage to lead Andrews University into a glorious future of service to the world.


A well-deserved appointment. May God grant you strength, wisdom, and tenacity in your leadership.

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What is strange
Andrea Luxton [ a woman ] will become President of a huge University, and will be trusted with millions of dollars in budget, over seeing of a huge number of departments, teacher, students, support staff.
But a Woman is not capable of being a Pastor of a 50 to 100 member church.
Best wishes to Christon Arthur on his new journey.


I agree with Steve Mga about the inconsistency of a policy that lets a woman head our flagship university but denies pastorship to women. But my editorial instincts rebel a bit at his calling Andrews a “huge” university. With around 3500 students on campus, that’s a bit of a stretch.

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I could not find any typos… Some punctuation errors, perhaps? What, exactly?

Not exactly a typo, but one error is the name of Dr. Arthur’s undergraduate school. It was Caribbean Union College (not University College). Dr Luxton’s previous experience at the other CUC (Canadian University College, also formerly a “Union” College) may have induced the error.