Andrews University Now Shares #1 Ranking for Ethnic Diversity for U.S. Universities

Earlier this week, the 2018 U.S. News Best Colleges rankings were released, which included Andrews University as one of the country’s most ethnically diverse national universities.

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We’ve arrived in utopia.

What does ethnic diversity mean ?
Does that mean in the cafeteria we have
Hommus and zaatar and low GI flat breads

Trends amaze me. When I graduated from college–nobody caried about diversity. It was not even at the bottom of the agenda.

While good and honorable this new creed demanding diversity appears. There is, in my opinion, real danger. What could that be? Well, I see each ethnic group and color seek their own corner, their own cultural views. In the end, will it promote unity? I am not so sure that emphasizing diversity will create a unified Advent Movement. At Camp Meetings we have a Sabbath service for the Hispanic’s and the English. We don’t even worship together. As times goes, I think we will move poles apart. Ideals and values will become culturally adjusted. Truth is modified by culture. The church should let me hold to my customs on how the Sabbath should be kept or how EGW’s diet counsels should be seen. On an on it goes as the diversity wheel turns.