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Andrews University president Andrea Luxton, PhD, joins Adventist Voices to discuss the state of her institution as well as the broader future of higher education. We converse about her love for John Milton as well as how schools can welcome diversity-seeking students, what questions board members should ask, and why there's hope despite the recent Annual Council actions.

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Alexander Carpenter is a board member of Adventist Forum, the organization that publishes Spectrum.

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this is such an interesting interview, filled with genuine understanding and hope…i appreciate and agree with andrea’s view that education is at the core of adventism, and that it cannot be delegated to add-on status…i also appreciate and agree with her view that god has over-riding control in our church, but that that control is generally seen from a long term perspective; that there are a lot of people in our church trying to understand what is good and right, and that we don’t necessarily have malice between one part of the world and another part, but that we don’t always have the opportunity to really listen to one another and understand what is driving mission outside our own sphere; and that the issue of WO may highlight the fact that, given that we are now a church with 21 million, and not a few hundred thousand, members, there are structural issues in the way we make decisions that may need to be addressed in order to really move forward…

@webEd Where’s the interview?

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Hi @timteichman, it is a podcast interview. If you’ll visit the article on our actual website (as opposed to Discourse), you’ll find the embedded audio player there. Or, you can also click on one of the three links listed both above and in the article to listen on various podcast platforms.