Andrews University Releases Daniel/Revelation Bible Study Journal

In what may be a first for Adventist publishing, Andrews University has released a small book containing only the biblical books of Daniel and Revelation, with study notes, in the form of a study journal, according to Andrea Luxton, president of Andrews University and chair of the Andrews University Press Board.

Luxton said the publication, “The Great Prophetic Books of Daniel and Revelation: A Bible Study Journal,” became officially available to customers the first of September. She said it is already receiving wide appreciation from church leaders and pastors who see its immediate usefulness for public evangelism, small group ministry and personal spiritual revival.

“The world is changing rapidly and we are surrounded by uncertainty and anxiety.  In that context the books of Daniel and Revelation provide both a needed frame of hope and the certainty that God will work out His purposes in this world,” Luxton said. “Thus, this little book is very timely. And Ellen White’s specific counsel about distributing those parts of scripture in this form gives us extra confidence that this is an opportunity we cannot and should not miss.”

Luxton said that more than 5,000 pastors in North America will receive the book over the next few months, with financial sponsorship from Andrews, The Foundation for Adventist Education (established by the Zinke family), and the North American Division (NAD) Ministerial Association.

“We see the immediate value of this little book for helping our members sharpen the essential prophetic focus of our faith,” said Ivan Williams, director of the NAD Ministerial Association. “And our pastors across this great division are in a good position to know how to use it in their churches, and in their outreach. So, we have been pleased to help make sure that each one gets a copy. They will take it from there.”

And they already are. Ronald Knott, director of Andrews University Press, said pastors in two conferences that have just received the books have already ordered more than 2,000 copies for their churches and public evangelism. One of those conferences is already discussing plans to use 5,000 more for a major evangelistic event next year.

The development of the book was inspired by comments Ellen White made in 1898 to John Harvey Kellogg, and again in 1902 to her son W.C. White, according to Knott. “She said that she had been ‘instructed that the prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation should be printed in small books, together with the necessary explanations, and should be sent all over the world.’ So that’s exactly what we’ve done, and are doing,” Knott said. “We will be content to be proven wrong, but up to now, we think this may be the first time that Adventist publishing has produced such a work.”

The Ellen White quotation appears on a jacket wrap on the front of the 176-page small-format book. Overall, the book is designed with the same manufacturing specifications as high-quality blank book journals. It features easy-to-read, two-color printing of the Bible text, high-grade paper for writing, cover foil stamping and rounded corners, and a marker ribbon.

“This really is a Bible study journal,” Knott said. “It is intended to make the study of these two books of the Bible a practical, beautiful, and interactive experience.”

The Bible text, using the New King James Version, appears on each left page. At the top of the right page, blank lines are provided for making notes or journaling. The bottom of the right page contains the relevant notes on the Bible text from the “Andrews Study Bible.”

“We are particularly pleased to be able to use the excellent material from the Andrews Study Bible,” Knott said. “That great resource for the church was released exactly ten years ago, and so it is fitting that we could marshal that content into use for this product that is so relevant to our time.”

“The Great Prophetic Books of Daniel and Revelation: A Bible Study Journal” retails for $14.99 and may be purchased in large quantities for major discounts. It is available from Adventist Book Centers (1-800-765-6955), Andrews University Press (800-467-6369) and on-line at

Founded in 1874, Andrews University is the flagship institution of higher education for the Seventh-day Adventist Church and offers more than 160 areas of study, including advanced degrees. Its main campus is in Berrien Springs, Michigan, but the University also provides instruction at colleges and universities in more than 25 countries around the world.

This article was written by Jeff Boyd and originally appeared on the Andrews University. website.

Image courtesy of Andrews University.


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We used the first book (below) at college in the early eighties published by R&H, containing complete commentary on Daniel & Revelation, with notes by Ellen white. So what is so special about this new book? Have they made any changes in the interpretations of these prophetic books? (The red book is the present one by Andrews)
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That is an excellent point I remember seeing these as well. I wonder if anyone knows Jeff Boyd, how to contact him to get a clarification.

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I also remember this book…but don’t recall that it was very useful for teachings or preaching.

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It seems this latest printing is simply a reformat of the Andrews Study Bible placing the Daniel and Revelation parts into a journal type of setting. I don’t see anything outside of that. The claim of it being the first ever, is perhaps a stretch.

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I wonder if Luxton made the point that our traditional view of Daniel 2 doesn’t fit the context. Here are SIX points that go against the Stone Kingdom being Christ’s 2nd coming in the sky.

  1. “In the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom…” Dan 2:44. Babylon falls in Rev 18 and there are no kings standing when He comes in Revelation 19.
  2. "The stone is cut out of a mountain. Dan 2:44–doesn’t sound like the 2nd coming.
  3. The only other usageof “mountain” in Daniel is Jerusalem–my holy moujntain–His people.
    This is the 144,000 who are anointed with power to shut the heavens and turn water to blood in Rev 11:3-6 BEFORE the beast gets power for 42 months (Rev 11:7; 13:5) Equal time for both sides!
  4. The stone is cut out without hand. No human devising. The GC president has no advantage of being part of the 144,000–maybe he has a disadvantage, 5T 211.
  5. The Stone grows to become a mountain, Dan 2:35. (Doesn’t sound like 2nd coming, but it the 144,000 do their part in the 1st half of the end-times, the kingdom could grow as it says.
  6. When the disciples wanted to know if Christ would restore the kingdom to Israel in Acts 1:6, He replied with a unique phrase (in King James) that it wasn’t for them to know “the times and seasons” of Dan 2:21. But Paul in the 3rd and final usage says we know the times and seasons…Paul links it to the end-time “day of the Lord” (NOT when Christ comes in the sky) but when they say ‘Peace and safety’, sudden destruction comes “as ravail on a woman with child.” 1Thess 5:1-3. Egypt travailed with God’s 1st-born, Exod 4:22.
    The US is like Egyp which killed babies–the US has aborted 60 million and enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, and a spectrum of negative lifestyles. History will repeat as God will judge the US, seen also by Ellen White in 1T 268, sounding like another civil war which about half of the US see coming. Washington Examiner, Oct 1, 2020
    Most chapters of Daniel have end-time applications that I hope Luxton has in her book. Daniel 1 is how we must reject the government healthcare. The king’s meat and wine represents drugs and vaccinatons that lead us down the wrong path. A researcher says COVID is Certificate Of Vaccination ID. Not 666 yet but getting there?
    I might take this opportunity to offer churches a Total Health Seminar that has been well-liked by non-SDAs and a Blue Cross manager’s testimonial can be sent. Email Ruhling7 at juno dot com

The Bible was written by and for civilizations long gone. Even then the forecasts weren’t really successful.

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Harry, I beg to differ and have heard a former atheist say he was converted to belief by Daniel which has proven accurate over the centuries when most people don’t know if China or Russia or N Korea will attack us, etc.
As further proof, consider Daniel’s ram and goat prophecy that historians say was fulfilled when Alexander conquered the Medes & Persians in 331 BC, but Gabriel said, “the vision is at the time of the end” Dan 8:17. The Medes & Persians are now Iraq & Iran, and God foresaw this 2500 years ago! Thank you for an engaging comment.

…and then there is my personal favorite:

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The prophecies of Daniel and Revelation speak to us now, the content of the books amazingly overlooked by those who present them. The merchants of the earth and the kings of the earth who support the woman Babylon, also called that great city, obviously described by its wares that it markets globally, represents the free, untethered market, exploiting the planet for bottom line profit, polluting the environment at will, given free reign under the cry of freedom and liberty (void of governmental regulations), given tax break support, and upheld by the false prosperity gospel. The values of its gospel is that the rich are blessed of God and deserve those tax breaks. This libertarian concept creates chaos and destruction, building an accumulation of contamination that tesults in the climate plagues which bring down the entire system. Coral bleaching, the acidification of the ocean, and power given to the sun to scorch men with heat are just some of the examples of CO2 and methane release caused by human activity which in turn is affecting our climate patterns, with levels of CO2 reaching 417 ppm never before seen in recorded history. With an administration in place bent on establishing christian sharia in the courts with an attitude of defiance against the God of nature and science, how is it that Adventisits miss connecting the dots??

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