Andrews University Releases Land Acknowledgment Statement

Indeed, Andrews University has opened a dialogue with the Pokagon Band prior to this visit and the land acknowledgment. University officials visited the tribal headquarters and reservation grounds not far from the University and have been discussing ways the University might serve the tribe with academic resources. Acknowledgment is not just “virtue signaling” as one poster said, especially given the movement by political conservatives to silence parts of Native American and African American history in our schools. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a few small steps, such as acknowledging the history and the ongoing struggles (e.g. see the ICWA case before SCOTUS) and then exercising allyship in the best ways possible.

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If you live in this country, the same could be said of the land on which your home now sits. Will you give the land back to its rightful owners? Time to cede your property! You first :wink: Or will you just keep committing the crime?

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