Andrews University Responds to Trump’s Immigration Orders

The following message was sent to the Andrews University campus via email and posted to the University’s homepage on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017:

Dear campus community,

You are probably aware of the executive order signed over the weekend by the U.S. President that impacts international travel to the U.S. that will impact international students. As a very diverse campus, our international students add a richness to our campus that we highly value, and we want to reaffirm their importance to all of us in this community.

What is the immediate impact for those of you who are international students? For all international students it means that time for processing visas in your home countries may take longer and you will need to make plans which take that fact into account.

Citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are most directly affected, as they are not allowed to enter the U.S. for at least 90 days, beginning Friday, Jan. 27. Citizens of these countries currently in the U.S. may stay as long as their visas remain valid.

To anyone from the affected countries considering traveling outside of the U.S., we urge you to remain here. If you leave you may not be able to return until the ban is lifted, and possibly beyond. This includes green card holders from these countries.

The Office of International Student Services will continue to be available to answer additional questions, and we will continue to keep you informed as more information becomes available.

Throughout all of this, please rest assured that our international students and their families are very important to us. The diverse mix you bring to our campus is essential to the richness and strength of our Andrews University community, and we look forward to continuing to welcome students from around the world to our Berrien Springs campus.


Andrea Luxton President

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In the meanwhile, I hope the theologians will post a rebuttal to Trump’s actions, addressing the larger issue of the Christian response to “immigrants” and “aliens”. Here’s a starter…


It is my view that the Spectrum blog et al has turned into nothing more than a political/religious left wing site.
Obama, the lamb, Trump the Facist devil. What on earth IS THIS?
I have traveled extensively in my life. I was a dentist in Bangladesh at our clinic for 4 mos…and was detained by corruption to get to leave. ($2,000 US as I recall.) I was a dentist in HKAH for 4 yrs. I have never been able to enter or leave a country that i have worked in or visited without passport or visa clearance from any country! WHY NOT HERE!
What in the world is all the uproar? Carter did this with Iran in his tenure. Obama did it with Iraq, as I recall, in his administration.
I never realized completely how close we were coming to lose our country to progressive radicals than this past election cycle.
Thank God for Donald Trump. I am completely on board with his 10 point agenda including his Executive order Friday! May God bless him in his efforts and sacrifice!
As to Andrews, it is a privilege, not a right to study here. If the students get there request in a timely order and they are legit, I am sure they will be approved. It is good that you are reminding them of the problems in the world we live in.
I am not sure if Graham thoroughly understands the separation of theology in the concept of separation of church and state…or is only from a “progressive” position is it acceptable to mingle them?
MAGA, till the parousia.
despicable Pat


And where would the theologians’ rebuttal to jihad theology in Islam be posted all these years?


To Patrick’s concern, this is not a political or leftist statement. You can look to other universities for that (Notre Dame, etc.). This is merely a statement informing one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation that they are valued, that students from affected countries need to remain put, and that for all others processing times could be longer than usual. That’s it, folks. Keep moving. Nothing to see here.


It would be of interest if Andrews would give us the numbers of students currently enrolled on their campus from the seven Islamic countries named by Trump. ( and also designated by Obama as terrorist states).
I doubt there are any.

A few months ago, I was a passenger on a cruise ship from South Hampton, England, to Boston.
On docking in Boston, the immigration officers came on board, to verify the documents of the three thousand passengers and one thousand crew.

As we all,stood like sheep, in line, with passports in hand, I reflected that had we been on large swaths of the Mexican border, all four thousand of us could have safely crossed into USA, no questions asked, no documents required!

Trump is only trying to restore our borders and keep unwanted terrorists/criminals out, together with the drugs and the drug dealers.
More power to him!


Addition: Feb 3: I applaud Dan Jackson’s forthright statement made in the secular Huffington Post. BRAVO!

Original Comment:

Andrews University makes a purely apolitical administrative statement to its students about the Trump’s unconstitutional anti-immigration policies and we think this is newsworthy? And then be met with nonsensical comments that the SDA church is going to leftist hell in a handbasket (that short burning hell of course)?

The fact that neither the SDA General Conference nor the North American Division has yet to strongly condemned this unconstitutional action demonstrates once again how pathetically irrelevant the church institution has become.

Refugee’s fleeing from war-torn countries who are victims of terrorism, seek hope and refuge in our country now face the cruelest of racist and unconstitutional fascism. The fact that SDA church failed to make a swift and authoritative condemnation of Trump’s decree makes a mockery of our heralded commitment to religious liberty and betrays the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The gospel commission of Luke 4:18 states,

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to give the Messianic proclamation of the gospel to those who are impotent, hopelessly dependent and totally impoverished; To heal the wounds of those who have been physically, mentally, and emotionally beaten down and broken; He, the Spirit, has sent me for the purpose of proclaiming far and wide, release and cancellation of obligation to those held captive in misery; and provide recovery of sight to those who cannot see; and to send out as free those, who at the hands of others, are oppressed, weakened, downtrodden, and broken like shards of smashed pottery; To welcome all and proclaim the anticipated and welcomed time of the Lord’s Jubilee.”

In this article are a few of many examples of what the gospel commission looks and sounds like:

May the SDA institution reflect and learn


Knowing that people like @frankpeachamvt and others will throw up the “we are not political,” rationalization, I am adding to my post, recognizing the 1 post limit. What is actually said by Christ Himself, as recorded in Luke 25 (& other gospel accounts)

“Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

This is an anchor, but not the only text, that defines a dual citizenship theology. Our 1st citizenship is in the Kingdom of God with the requirement of preaching the gospel. Our 2nd citizenship in the world was to live as responsible citizens in the world, participating in government (symbolized by paying taxes). Rebellion against the brutal dictatorship would result in swift retribution, which Paul subsequently warned about.

2000+ years later, we, in America have not yet returned to a brutal dictatorship, but we live in a participatory democracy. Our 2nd citizenship demands that we have opinions, and act, and exert our influence. As Ellen white said 'Every individual exerts an influence in society." She went on to further state that we "fail to do [our] whole duty unless [we] exert [our] influence by precept and example—by voice and pen and vote." While she penned these words specific to temperance, if we as a church fail to see the antichrist basis of Trump’s racist and unconstitutional immigration ban, we are self-deceived or ignorant of the Gospel.

It is Unfortunate that we have nearly 80 years of writings in the hands of the institutional editors so we can slice Ellen White’s other writings and make this a proof text battle. Ellen White said, Vote on the sabbath if you have to" yet we eviscerate her words in a proof-text approach quoting something she said in at context at another time. That is an ignorant apporach and completely ignores our organizational history.

This single branch of government is currently attempting to exert control over this country in defiance to the foundations of our Democracy. Racist policies that crush those we are called to bring into the kingdom is the working of the antichrist. If we fail to proclaim loudly the injustice of this (and other) public policies (demanded by our 2nd citizenship) stating that these policies are opposed to both democracy and the principles of the Gospel (demanded by our 1st citizenship), then we are part of the spirit of the antichrist too."

Historically, we as a church have been willing to hire and deploy lobbyists and lawyers to prevent Sunday laws, promote temperance, and other violations of religious liberty. Heck, many of the founders of this church were abolitionists. Unfortunately, when you have nearly 80 years of writings in in the hands of the institutional

We are called to be dual citizens and not split personality citizens. Such split personality thinking is wholly unbiblical and an abhorrence to the gospel of Christ.

PS. As far as making statements like

Curious. Is that what SDA’s said when the church was were about Hitler & Nazi Germany too?


I THINK we need to separate religion from politics. Jesus nor any Apostle refused to chastise Rome for its massive in-humanity, cruel slavery of millions, sexual and physical abuse of slaves and captives. He said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Never will be.

It amazing me when the Sabbath enters the question we hold to separation from the state. However, when the President’s orders bring discomfort to us—we quote NT Scriptures to hold them accountable to its principles. As if the State should follow Scriptures.

The Andrews U statement was very mild and supportive. I appreciate that.

In all this, we should keep in mind that Paul who refused to hold Rome accountable even so far as encouraging slaves to submit to their Masters. Not just, follow their orders, but to do so as if the Lord told them. I wonder how this played out when their master’s passions abused their slaves?

markPeter Mark: Response

Since you quote EGW I think It is appropriate to review what EGW taught about voting. First she was opposed to voting for political parties, for several reasons most important is that we “are partakers with them of the sins which they commit while in office.” Well, that would seem like a truckload of additional sins that I did not commit will be held against me. Considering corruption in elected leaders this is very scary. (I wonder if this applies to religious leaders we have elected?)

“The Lord would have His people bury political questions. On these themes silence is eloquence… We cannot with safety vote for political parties; for we do not know whom we are voting for. We cannot with safety take part in any political schemes… My brethren, will you not remember that none of you have any burden laid upon you by the Lord to publish your political preferences in our papers, or to speak of them in the congregation, when the people assemble to hear the Word of the Lord.” EGW

EGW was totally committed to voting “by voice and pen and vote—in favor of prohibition and total abstinence.” Any political leader that used alcohol, she considered, was unfit for office. Times have sure changed. Do you think anyone would recommend a return to prohibition?

I dressed and found I was to speak to the point of whether our people should vote for prohibition. I told them ‘yes,’ and spoke twenty minutes.” EGW

Peter Mark: "Trump’s racist and unconstitutional immigration ban:
Don’t think it would be wise not to rush to judgement and let this play out a bit.

Ron Osbron It is Christ whom we turn away when we build walls.

Have you traveled in South America? As I remember every decent home has a wall and most have barred windows also. Walls are everywhere. Try to enter into a public school, courthouse, or a corporate headquarters and visitors will be detained and questioned by security, another form of a wall. The Obama’s have built a wall around their retirement home. Facebook CEO has erected a wall on his home, in keeping with most of the rich of America. Along with all my neighbors we have wooden walls separating our backyards. America is full of gated communities in which nobody questions their existence on the bases of security. What is the difference for America’s boarders? I wonder if the wealthy could be comfortable if they abolished all locks, doors and fences and welcomed all strangers to dinner with no questions as to the motives or background?

I strongly opposed any government creating religious laws. Enforcing the teaching of Jesus on adultery, lust, and divorce by civil laws would be very distasteful. The command to welcome “strangers” is an individual religious duty or a collective act on the part of believers. Let’s not fault the government for disregard of religious ideals, I sure they are mostly amoral on a hundred others issues we are silent about.


spectrum does have a left wing slant, but that’s because progressive policies and initiatives are often much more reasoned and intelligent than conservative and fundamentalist ones…this isn’t always true, of course, but it is often true…conservatives have a tendency to believe that the bathwater is as important as the baby, whereas progressives have a tendency to throw out the baby with the bathwater…elements from both sides can be valuable or dangerous, and application to each issue must be made on a case by case basis…

in the case of trump, few reasonable persons - american or even non-american - can be expected to approve of his muslim ban, or any of the other initiatives he launched last week…it’s quite beside the point whether trump can be pinned down to any ideological outlook…it’s the case that the substance of his words, and now actions, are objectionable to a majority of thinking people…recall that before trump’s electoral college victory, even after he’d won the primaries, many prominent conservatives were against him, and denouncing his core followers…they’re only for him now because they’re addicted to the gravy train of power…

the great pity for america and the world is that so many who cringed from trump’s often shocking campaign pronouncements chose not to vote, or to cast a wasted vote, no doubt because they viewed him as a caricature and couldn’t bring themselves to take him seriously, nor could they believe that their country was so far-gone that the very antithesis to america’s historical standard of decency could be chosen to run it…strictly speaking, the thousands of protesters in america’s big cities immediately after the election, the women’s march all over the country, and now the nation’s airports, who chose not to vote - and i’m thinking particularly of those millennials, women and obama blacks who we know stayed home - have themselves to thank…it’s a bit late now to stand up for personal beliefs, at least in the case of the apathetic margin that handed trump the victory…staying home because your man bernie was defrauded, or because you thought you had too much principle to jump on the hillary bandwagon, or because you didn’t think your vote would count for much, or because you were fed up with the system, but then wearing yourself out in national protests and marches every few days, looks pretty tired and ineffectual right about now…

i suspect that spectrum, in assessing our current context, is trying to demonstrate that leadership by a woman, in this case president andrea luxton, brings a more humanizing touch to the table…after-all, why haven’t some of our male-run international institutions issued similar statements…


An administrative robot could have made this announcement. That is not a dig. I think the announcement was perfect. It is exactly what it should have been. Rather I criticize the publishing on Spectrum where the headline reads “Andrews University responds to Trumps immigration orders”.
Its absolutely pathetic to see the worldly sensationalism of a manipulated headline in any publication or association related to the church.


I agree with the Office of Government Ethics and the Wall Street Journal that there needs to be more extreme vetting…of Trump’s nominees:

I agree with Father James Martin, S.J., that: “It is Christ whom we turn away when we build walls. It is Christ whom we reject when we slash quotas for refugees. It is Christ whom we are killing, by letting them die in poverty and war rather than opening our doors.”


You’ll notice, if you click on the link to the original post on Andrews University’s website, that they are the ones who called it a response. The title on Andrews’ site is, “University Response to Immigration Orders.” I hope this helps to clarify how Spectrum arrived at the title, “Andrews University Responds to Trump’s Immigration Orders.” Have a great day.


Dr. Luxton’s statement makes me proud to be an alumnus of Andrews University.


I have no idea why you bother going to church. You could be out enjoying yourself shopping, watching sporting events, doing you own thing on Saturday’s. That is, unless you wake up and realize that there isn’t one single thing this president does or says that is in any way Christ Like.
Here is something I found on a blog that might give support to this notion:
The Top Donald Trump 666 Connections
The Trump family bought the most expensive single building ever purchased in the United States, at 666 Fifth Avenue, a street symbolic of money (Mammon), hubris (arrogance) and excess (greed). The Trump Fifth Avenue property, the famous Trump Tower, is 203 meters tall according to multiple reports. And 203 meters = 666 feet. Donald Trump lives there in gold-plated opulence on the 66th floor!
Donald Trump inherited his grandmother’s real estate empire when she died, June 6, 1966 = 6-6-6 The Trump surname is an anglicized version of the German name Drumpf. In Jewish gematria, the value of the letters in Don Drumpf is 666. Donald John Drumpf in American ASCII computer code is 666. Trump first made racist remarks about Hispanic immigrants on June 6, 2015 = 6+6+(1+5) = 666. His fear mongering comments about “rapists” and “drug dealers” vaulted him to the top of the polls on the same date, 6-6-6. Only he, not even God Almighty, can "make America great again."
The only being I know that is as prideful and arrogant as Donald Trump was named Lucifer.

You better hurry, your going to need more oil.


I see nothing wrong with this statement. It states the realities of the current political situation in America which, given the aggressive destructive stance of Islam, from 9/11 to Paris, warrants cautionary measures. What concerns me far more than a smart , mild, administrative letter from the office of Dr Luxton , is the prophecies now going the rounds that Nostradamus predicted that the “Trumpet” will sound for WW3 during the era of Mr Trump’s Presidency. AND I have mislaid my copy of the prophet’s Centuries. Oh Well I can always buy another copy to recheck and see whether I agree with these dire predictions. But then, I have no access to a bomb shelter such as Dr Luxton may have. There’s always something!!!hahaha.

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It is unclear to me why this is listed as “AU responds to Trump’s Immigration Orders.” It is not a response such as opposing or agreeing with, etc. It is simply advice for international students of the “impact” of the order, inasmuch as if there is a severe snowstorm forecasted, recommendations to residents how to deal with it.

It is simply a university statement rather than a response. Is there a reason to take pride or shame in an alma mater making suggestions to deal with weather extremes?


The Andrews statement seems reasonable. Dan Jackson’s is over the top. I usually support Dan Jackson, but on this one I don’t. Too often lately he has become a political pawn of the leftwing Huffington Post.

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