Anna Bacchiocchi, Spouse of Samuele Bacchiocchi Passes Away at 77

Anna Bacchiocchi, the widow of Adventist theologian and author Samuele Bacchiocchi, was found deceased in her Berrien Springs home on Sunday, according to local news reports. Her son and daughter-in-law found her unresponsive. Emergency personnel determined that she died from exposure to carbon monoxide. Her dog was also found dead inside the house, which tipped off authorities to a potential gas leak. The source of the carbon monoxide has not been determined, though investigators suspect it may have come from a car inadvertently left running in an attached garage.

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Such loss!! May her family and loved ones be comforted (I Thess. 4:16-18)!! Death is not the end.

Lasagna at the Bacchiocchi’s house one Sabbath long ago remains the standard by which I judge all lasagna, and nothing has yet surpassed what I remember of that meal! She was indeed a wonderful cook and hostess. My sympathies to their children and family.