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There’s an old joke about the pope and a rabbi.  

The chief rabbi of the largest synagogue in Jerusalem goes to the Vatican to have a conversation with the pope. During their chat, the pope pulls out a telephone, dials a number, and has a very quick conversation. 

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Loved the rabbi/pope joke. And, loved the conversation.

What struck me the most was Dr. Chow’s comment (kinda under the breath) “is there something wrong with Adventism” when it comes to the self-isolation of the Adventist psyche. She talks about the “organic” pressures to conformational thought and belief that are not necessarily imposed but are still present . (I’m struggling for words to describe it). So I’m thinking that Adventism draws certain personality types - people who need precise boundaries to their thinking, and are uncomfortable with freedoms of any kind. It’s a case of arrested development, or an anxiety disorder.

Kendra Arsenault is looking for “deep thinkers” at the GC. Those that make it up the ladder, into the hallowed halls of Adventism, can’t be thinking too deeply. Where do you see deep thinking CEOs? By the time you reach that level it’s all about $$$$ and legacy, (in this case).

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