Annual Council Action on Women Ordaining Unions—Motion Carried 264 to 25

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Update: The statement below—with a minor addition on the definition of unity—was carried by a vote of 264 to 25.

A key line: "the world Church does not recognize the actions of unions or conferences that have authorized or implemented ministerial ordination without regard to gender."

Just before 4:00pm (EST) today a "Statement on church polity, procedures, & resolution of disagreements in the light of recent union actions on ministerial ordination" was introduced.

Annual Council Statement on Unions and Unity

Some statements from the floor via @adventistchurch

  • One committee member: Abandon this notion of cultures by region, because we have the Bible and the spirit of prophecy.
  • Another committee member: I don’t want to fnd myself in a body that is so concerned with policy that we forget justice and mercy.
  • NAD Pres. Jackson-I’ve talked with pastors in North America & not one of them feels in disunity. We're united with the world church.

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