Annual Council Business Session Days 3 & 4 — Policy Matters, So Does Conversation

To begin the day on Tuesday, President Ted Wilson shared more thoughts about his Top Ten Theological Challenges that had been presented on Monday, noting that the Adventist Review had promised to carry the presentations given by Mark Finley, Artur Stele, and Mike Ryan. He encouraged leaders to take matters into their own hands, to preach Bible truth, hold Bible conferences. He neglected to mention having a conversation with college and university theologians who might be able to illuminate the issues.

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Before these days’ events, Friday’s LEAD Conference (produced by Global Mission) upon which Bonnie Dwyer reported October 9 is the only Annual Council report that supplies for me hope and solidarity and defiant optimism.

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for posting comments on that one, and sadly note that no comments were posted for the report. Such is the state of the glass-one-sixteenth-empty news penchant today. (Daily headlines don’t scream “Ten Thousand Planes Land Successfully.”) Spectrum (and other) readers are stirred more by simplistic, divisive comments spoken by administrators than the remarkable actions of integrity, inclusion, compassion, and creativity from Bryan and Penny Gallant.

Part of the Good News is that Christ created His Body to compose an upside-down hierarchy. I’m particularly grateful for the top of the structure, the unsung heroes who still populate local Adventist churches.

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