Annual Council Diary Day 2: Picture Day

I completely agree that this is coming. Soon, very soon, I hope.

It would be very hard to get firm numbers on these 2 questions, I think.

I know lots of people (including our family) who have left the SDA church and have become members, or attend Christian churches who meet on Sunday.

I’m sure there are lots of former SDA’s who just gave up on religion altogether. I know some of those too.

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No doubt about that!

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UPDATE: So, we return to Battle Creek only to repeat the same mistake/s again - running the ‘church’ as an institution and therefore adopting the principles and practices of this world over those of the Kingdom of God.

Prov 26:11 (unfortunately not at all an image I am fond of) comes to mind as I write this.


I am in my mid 50’s. The vast majority of the peers that I grew up with within Adventist institutions from primary school to university have walked away from religion, if not Christianity. I suspect the generations following mine are sadly similar.

I also caught up with a former pastor who was one of the Theology graduates around the time I was at uni. All but 2 or 3 of his cohort had left the Adventist church - himself included.


The Sabbath is only valued as it represents the rest in Jesus. We are freed from our works for salvation through His rest–Christ’s righteousness.

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Beautiful photos; but I couldn’t help noticing all the look-alike penguins in the top one.

Enjoy your Saturday! If you choose to attend church then, by all means, do so.

Resting in Christ (freedom from salvation by works) is 24/7 now.

The shadow has been replaced by the Reality. :slightly_smiling_face:

You and I both (age wise) have observed many who have walked away. I truly think that they walked away from the obvious hypocrisy and misrepresentation of God rather than God himself.

With the level of thinking that Present Truth is static, that too many questions are satanic, and obvious cherry picking of Bible writer cultural bias to match a cherished belief it is a wonder any of us are talking in this forum.

Thanks for your response.

Yes, your observations are in line with what I have seen, read and heard over the last several years. For me personally, I don’t see that the SDA church has anything to do with salvation, or one’s relationship with Christ. Thankfully, many former SDA’s have found a faith and a fellowship outside of Adventism.

I hope that everyone (where ever they have come from) finds that same thing. The church universal, not a denomination.

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