Answers to Questions about the Proposed Adventist University System of North America

Yes, or Southern Matrimonial, lol. Each campus seemed to have its own flavor. I wonder how the Journal that was distributed at the summit is intended to unify the flavors.

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Just FYI…Those costs are per semester, not annual costs. That is the non-LDS rate. The rate for LDS students is half that. I don’t know how the subsidies flow within the LDS church, but they don’t have a professional clergy, for starters, so I suspect that tithe is spent rather differently than within the SDA church with its hierarchy of paid clergy.

I can see advantages to greater cooperation where it makes sense. But at a time when the GC has been trying to force uniformity in the name of unity, I don’t personally trust the denominational hierarchy with even a “voluntary” super-organization of this type. A couple phrases in the Chicago Declaration talking paper that concern me are:

“Ensuring SDA values are upheld” – even if this is removed from a final declaration, the mere fact that it was present in the initial published declaration tells me that there are enough people involved in this process who have their eyes on controlling doctrinal purity on campuses. This process could make the La Sierra evolution debate of a few years ago look like child’s play.

“create cross-subsidized business models” – I don’t know precisely what the authors mean by this, but it certainly sounds like a proposal with the potential to siphon money from stronger institutions to support weaker ones, thereby ensuring that the entire system is weakened.


Chuck, Through your posts, you have made a number of serious charges of not just a professional nature but very personal, some of them probably accurate or perceived in certain ways and others very inaccurate but this is not the place to exchange views. I wish when you were a PUC professor and department chair I could have benefited from your concerns. If I had your new e-mail since your departure from PUC, I would communicate directly but would hope that as fellow Christians we could talk and come to reconciliation–not agreement–but an appreciation for each other’s motivations before our lives end. Please give a call to my cell phone which hasn’t changed or my e-mail address – God’s richest blessings to you. Dick