Applegate Fire Threatens Structures Near Weimar Institute in Drought-Parched California

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Adventists in Northern California called for prayers Wednesday evening for Weimar Institute. A rapidly-moving vegetation fire posed a possible threat to the Adventist education center in Colfax, Northern California. According to Cal Fire, the Applegate Fire broke out in dry woodland at about 1:30pm local time and was only 10% contained as night fell. Mandatory evacuations remained in effect for surrounding areas as the fire threatened some eighty structures. Several media outlets showed images of burned out buildings as crews battled five separate blazes that spread to over 380 acres.

Doug Batchelor's Amazing Facts and the Weimar Center co-own Weimar Institute, which offers courses in health sciences, religion, education and media ministry. Weimar lists its locale in "the beautiful foothills of Northern California" as a key selling point, but persistent drought in the Western United States could turn the institution's idyllic physical geography into a liability.

State fire personnel dropped fire retardant from aircraft as ground crews worked to build containment lines into Wednesday's late hours. A large section of Interstate 80 leading to Weimar Institute remained closed according to CalTrans. Meanwhile, Adventists prayed for the institution's safety.

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(Thomas J Zwemer) #2

I believe in prayer, I also believe that God answers prayer. but, I don’t understand a prayer for Weimar over against anyone’s property. why not pray to save the homes and the people in harms way. I have fought fire in those hills, it is hard dangerous work. My prayers are for the people and the homes over and above institutions. The first fire. I saw while in the third grade destroyed a home, the fire engine was horse drawn. the blaze had made serious headway. I saw people carrying bedding down the stairs and out to safety while other were throwing chest of drawers and other furniture out of the second story windows to be smashed on the ground beneath. The house and contents were a total loss aided and abetted by helpful friends and volunteers.

Let us pray for reason and for God’s hand in saving lives and property regardless of ownership. Tom Z

(Elmer Cupino) #3

Whether this fire is from Satan, or a Satanic Type I or Type II origin matters not to me. I will be praying that the Weimar Institute, among those properties surrounding the area, be spared from this wrath.

(Lynn Del) #4

Note that Weimar Instute and Amazing Facts ministries are separate entities again as of August 2011.

Weimar is in a bad location if a fire takes hold. Looking for an update as to how things are going there in this dangerous situation.

(Kim Green) #5

Weimar is in a beautiful area and I appreciated my time there. I am always sad to see destruction occur- but if it does, God still has a plan for that situation. I think sometimes that we believe that everything should continue as it has but this isn’t always God’s will. May there be no loss of life…things can be replaced, however, human beings cannot be.

(James) #6

At this time Weimar is not directly threatened. At least one of the fires started on the south side of the freeway directly opposite the Weimar entrance and burned away from Weimar. The cause of the fire appears to be arson.

FWIW most of the staff live in homes on the Weimar campus so a fire threat to the institution is also a threat to peoples homes. Since the fire is a risk to Weimar, it is also a risk to the homes and livelihood of many connected to this community. That is the reason for the news article and the request for prayers.

For updates on the fire search Google News for “Applegate Fire”. Incident information can be found here:

(Rich Constantinescu) #7

Tom, there are hundreds of students, staff, faculty and guests on this campus that is dedicated to healing. People are here about to have life threatening surgeries or who are very depressed, coming after thousands who have received help here. Weimar is a healing ministry and is actively involved in the surrounding community by hosting free medical and dental clinics, deploying willing, no-cost student/staff workers who fix, clean, harvest, hold Bible studies — whatever needs to be done. These people and their ministry were in danger because of that very dangerous fire. While serving as a base for firemen as well as those forced out of their homes in the surrounding area needing places to stay, Weimar Institute is leading a drive for support of those who lost their homes in the same community. Continued prayers for Weimar would be appreciated.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #8

this issue in my mine isn’t limited to Christian oriented facilities and peoples, but all peoples and properties. generally the Calif. fires are started by someone with an alternative agendas. The one I fought was set by beef ranchers who wanted to create more grass land. I believe good or bad properties should be protected from wild fires. I understand the motive of the establishment of Weimar. to me it as ego centric, but it does offer health and healing at the price of attempted brain washing. none the less, I hope it survives the fire. Tom Z

(Rich Constantinescu) #9

Your unfounded vitriol and slander belie your admission of concern for “peoples and properties,” and better reveal the state of your reasoning and character than you at first may have imagined.