April Diversity Lecture: Where Shall We Look for Environmental Leadership?

As the world tries slowly to emerge from the pandemic, the Newbold Diversity lecture for April focused on an even more urgent and serious problem — climate change. Where should we now look for leadership on the challenges presented by our environment? 

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Excellent essay. Need more of these!

Names of places are a non-issue, and just more inane talk. I guess we need to not call Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Christians that believe The Bible will never, ever worry about such things as this planet being destroyed by Man. That is more nonsense. Read the last verse of Genesis 8 to get THAT promise. Global warming is nothing to worship at the feet of atheistic scientists. The Undercover Adventist: Protecting the envoronment is one thing. Worshiping the gods of science is another. (the-undercover-adventist.blogspot.com)

Those who are “climate change " activists are not aware of the cyclical nature of climate. Further, in most climate models there is a glaring omission and that is, the impact the sun has on our daily weather. If the sun is not accounted for, then you lose credibility, Climate change is being used improperly because what is being called “climate” is in fact “weather” They are not the same thing. Weather is a daily or weekly occurrence whereas “climate” is measured in centuries.if not millenia. For instance since about “92 the earth is in a cooling phase which is in line with the climate pattern over the last several millenia. With regard to CO2 being a “green house gas”, most climate scientists, not “activist” know that CO2 is vital to the ecology of the planet because of its necessity for plant growth. No CO2, no vegetation which everyone knows from childhood .As a matter of fact, greenhouse farmers pump CO2 into their greenhouses to increase their yield and try to optimize the CO2 level to 1000 parts per million The current global saturation is about 400 parts per million. The most important “green house” gas is “water vapor” which no one seems to talk about except real climate scientists. For more information about CO2 I refer you to Dr Patrick Moore.
Most activist are unaware of the Club of Rome” statement on “climate change” where it says in order to have the world come a concensus to rally around, they chose climate and so they state “we chose to “create a crisis” . In other words its not a real “crisis” but it serves their purpose to ultimately control the planet. There are those in that group know it’s not the truth and readily admit it but that doesn’t matter. Their goal is diabolical since it is the plan to gain control of humanity and the truth be damned. If the Club of Rome isn’t a satanic organization then I don’t what could be more obvious. Their objectives are clearly stated and align with Satan’s agenda to control humanity using deception and lies to reach that goal. It is sad to see so many christians caught up in these lies and serving as activist not knowing who is responsible for the chaos that is being created. As a Christ follower you cannot serve God and Mammon without losing your focus.
An observation that I want to state is that many people seem to “worship " nature” rather than the Creator” and that seems odd to me as Christ follower I enjoy nature as a work of art just like the heavens but I’m not into astrology .which I think is another distortion.
As Christians we know this planet is not our final home and as such our focus is to share the gospel and His soon return . That is our mission, not to be devoted to “saving the planet” but to share the good news of salvation offered in Christ This planet is serving God’s purpose and this physical universe has a shelf life. I support anti- pollution initiatives as being good stewards but not hysterical about” climate change"
Dave Okamura


A valid and reasoned approach Dave Okamura… too many forget the historical and instead become hysterical! They also forget that the signs validating prophecy are telling us that Jesus is coming is very near, even at the door. After 1,000 years of rest Jesus will return with us and execute justice and dispense the final sentence eliminating all who did not accept His offer and the earth and heavens will be remade thus correcting any man made environmental issues. Let’s make sure that we are putting the emphasis in the right place… our relationship with Jesus and our obedience to the law of love, His governing principle.

What better place to begin for leadership of climate warming advocacy and mitigation of global destruction than the indigenous people affected mostly by it, as they are the closest to the earth’s pulse abd detect something very wrong with its induced ‘fever’ by mankind. Never before in earth’s short history has the carbon dioxide content risen to 417 ppm from the ignition of fossil fuels, far above the pre industrial age of 230 ppm, give or take.
As stewards of the earth, true Christians realize that Adam and Eve’s commission to dress and keep the earth did not include exploitative destruction for profiteering. True Christians understand that he which is faithful in the least is also faithful in much. It is unreasonable to assume that anyone who trashes his own back yard would inherit a new earth, respect for God’s gift is not a worship of it, but rather a worship of Him who gave it. Any man who follows the propmtings of the Holy Spirit and respects God’s gift, may not have a clue from whence comes the prompting nor where it leads, but they hear His voice and can distinguish ‘junk science’ from the true.
The woman prophecy clothed in purple and scarlet as described by Rev 18, who sits as a queen and is no widow and traffics in global merchandise with the merchants of the earth, and commits fornication with the kings of the earth, is a fitting warning of the great global market with its own set of values, the values of the false prosperity gospel. This woman is adored and worshipped by the heathen and professed Christians alike, their real god of mammon. The climate plagues that finally destroy her are by man’s own hand, as Proverbs 19:3 apply reads, ‘we are ruined by our own stupidity, though we blame the Lord’. Rev 6 describes each plague, framed as the wrath of God in terms men understand. The sun given power to scorch men with heat, a direct ‘given’ from increased CO2 accumulation. Every living soul dies in the sea, as we see the bleaching of coral reefs, the ocean’s foundations of life, due to greater acidification of a warmer ocean and absorption of carbon dioxide. The fountains of waters become as the blood of dead men, brown and toxic from chemical wastes, but not universal mind you, lest all are destroyed. And as men blame God for calamities created from man’s own folly, is this not a form of blasphemy, blaming God for something He didn’t do? Is not man again blaming God for his own irresponsible actions?

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