Are We Family?

(Kim Green) #41

So very true…Women are second class citizens in the heirachy of the church. This bleeds down into every level of their existence in the church.

(Kim Green) #42

Totally “cringe” worthy.


And let’s not leave out abusive.

Norwegian Union Responds to GC Unity Video
(Kim Green) #44

No, I would not leave that out. They should be ashamed of that psychological manipulation as well. If they don’t…it says even sadder things about them.


Free fall race to the bottom now…

Norwegian Union Responds to GC Unity Video
(Kim Green) #46

Which is why we have the chattering Brethren on here acting as if they are our “consciences”…appointed by the HS.


Chattering Brethren…

(Kim Green) #48

Lovely pic…so appropriate! :laughing:


And downright horrifying…then and now…

(Kim Green) #50

Especially considering all the “loving kindness” shown towards us women so far. :scream_cat:


Try not to think too far ahead…you won’t sleep…

(reliquum) #52

This may be due to the once popular myth that soy snorting adventist testosterone deficient almostmen betas ARE ruled by their estrogen enhanced helpmeet

Perhaps we ought have all these women simply take a “connubial sabbatical” from marital relations until such time their betas become alpha enough to realize in order to not be unequally yoked to inferiors, they needfully and willingly (on bended knee?) accede women do not need legitimacy fro men, because these selfsame men are indeed obstructing womens legitimacy granted by God himself.

Some of the aforementioned is ironically satirical-let him who hath ears, hear


If women needed legitimacy from men, would the 70% of the church who are women choose to make Adventism their chosen religion?

If women need legitimacy from men, why do Adventist men consistently use a woman’s word, EGW’s, as the “last word” for any argument, discussion, or issue?

If women needed legitimacy from men, which they don’t, their authorization and calling would be from men, not from the Holy Spirit of the Eternal Godhead.

(Carlo Schroeder) #54

I attended a marriage seminar for pastor’s and church workers held by the then president of Mexican Central Union, in the entire presentation on marriage, the word women was not mentioned. So to me these people should open their own religious organisation, and change the policies and regulations as they want.


Connubial sabbatical…a la Lysistrata? :rofl:

(Kim Green) #56

Fortunately, Timo, I am married to a man who isn’t threatened by women and has worked in business with great female bosses. I am sorry for those women that don’t have the same support that I have enjoyed.

(reliquum) #57

lets flip it.
If men believe they hold the power to withhold legitimacy of women, then

  1. men are acting “like god”
  2. women in fact don’t need God ( see 1, they have mengods)
  3. Ellen needs mens “illegitimate legitimacy” to be given legitimacy in their male-supremacist church
  4. quoting Ellen to prove it in fact proves men don’t actually have a higher legitimacy.

Aiiieeee this is making my headship hurt…

(Kim Green) #58

It might happen, Carlo…nothing is off the table yet.


Women don’t need God—they have mengods.

In fact, that is exactly how it plays out.

image image

It would be dangerous to assume I am kidding.

(David Johnson) #61

Two of the most repulsive anti gospel illustrations ever. It’s “headship hooey” that has nowhere to go in the Adventist or any Christian church, period.