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Its an old phrase, because it is colder here or there, more snow or freezing there, it can’t be global warming. Global warming is about the average temp change globally. That changes weather patterns so that what was once normative, is now changed. I would suggest people get a better understanding of the definitions. Our weather system on this planet is a complex system and what impacts one part has an affect on other parts. Yes we had weather changes in the past, dramatic ones, but over large periods of time. What we see happening today are rapid changes in the system. Going from thousand of years down to decades of years.


“[V]ariations in solar energy output have far more effect on Earth’s climate than soccer moms driving SUVs,” Southwestern Law School professor Joerg Knipprath, writes in his ‘Token Conservative’ blog. “A rational thinker would understand that, especially if he or she has some understanding of the limits of human influence. But the global warming boosters have this unbounded hubris that it is humans who control nature, and that human activity can terminally despoil the planet as well as cause its salvation.”

Many climate scientists agree that sunspots and solar wind could be playing a role in climate change, but the vast majority view it as very minimal and attribute Earth’s warming primarily to emissions from industrial activity—and they have thousands of peer-reviewed studies available to back up that claim.

Peter Foukal of the Massachusetts-based firm Heliophysics, Inc., who has tracked sunspot intensities from different spots around the globe dating back four centuries, also concludes that such solar disturbances have little or no impact on global warming. Nevertheless, he adds, most up-to-date climate models—including those used by the United Nations’ prestigious Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)—incorporate the effects of the sun’s variable degree of brightness in their overall calculations.

Ironically, the only way to really find out if phenomena like sunspots and solar wind are playing a larger role in climate change than most scientists now believe would be to significantly reduce our carbon emissions. Only in the absence of that potential driver will researchers be able to tell for sure how much impact natural influences have on the Earth’s climate.

From Scientific American “The Role of Sunspots and Solar Winds In Climate Change”

Note what the article says about peer reviewed studies. It’s how science is done. I am more inclined to listen to this than allegations of global conspiracies.



According to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the current scientific consensus is that long and short-term variations in solar activity play only a very small role in Earth’s climate. Warming from increased levels of human-produced greenhouse gases is actually many times stronger than any effects due to recent variations in solar activity.

For more than 40 years, satellites have observed the Sun’s energy output, which has gone up or down by less than 0.1 percent during that period. Since 1750, the warming driven by greenhouse gases coming from the human burning of fossil fuels is over 50 times greater than the slight extra warming coming from the Sun itself over that same time interval…

Moreover, even a prolonged “Grand Solar Minimum” or “Maunder Minimum” would only briefly and minimally offset human-caused warming.

From NASA’s Global Climate Change Website

NASA seems to be saying something different from what you are asserting…



Since the global warming following the ice age has been going on for many millennia prior to the comparatively recent industrial revolution it is obvious that something other than man made CO2 is driving this warming. What caused earth to warm up from the last ice age? It wasn’t combustion of fossil fuel. The ice age was long gone before there was any significant burning of coal. And the advent of oil drilling is comparatively a moment in time compared to geological time back to the ice age. It seems to me that the vast majority of global warming had occurred way before man made CO2 amounted to more than a fart.

What caused the earth to start warming during the ice age? Don’t try to tell me human activity melted the ice age, or I may think you are from the government.

Speak to the scientific community and the multiple peer reviewed studies that say otherwise. If your response is that they’re all involved in a conspiracy, then there’s nothing left to talk about.



We’re talking about now. Check out the ones that target human activity, since industrialization, as causing global climate change. That changes that were normal over long periods of time are happening now over far shorter periods, as a result.

They’re all out there. What do you bring to the table to disprove them? All of them.



Peace to you, Bill.


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