Argentina Union of Seventh-day Adventists Creates Commission to Investigate Smuggling

On September 22, leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Argentina were detained in connection with containers of undeclared electronic goods brought into the country. The alleged smuggling saw at least one leader of River Plate Adventist University arrested by Argentina's federal police.

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Whereas I applaud the effort to go to the bottom of this story, I do hope the committee has not foregone conclusions, in terms of being a victim which is being denunciated by the evil world outside. Courageously facing the truth may be painful, but more beneficial in the long run. And, yes, perhaps they will find ways to exonerate UAP.

For real trustworthiness of such a commission it could be appropriate to have some non-adventist members in it. There’s only one “lay brother” and that’s all.

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I think they are obvious signs that we are in the middle of the end-time process. In my more than 25 years as an Adventist I have seen many things in conflict, not only with spiritual ones, but with the simple morality and good manners. Surely in other Adventist Churches the problem will be similar however it seems to me that in recent times things have gotten worse.

There is an appointment in a classic Argentian gaucho poem that comes to the case and says:
“The things that are seen here, nor the devils can thought them”

I entered this web site with the healthy intention of questioning a publication made by a famous pastor, in the Adventist Magazine corresponding to the month of July 2016, but with these possible criminal acts that are being analyzed here, my question is a trifle.

It hurts, all this, and I for the time being I have stopped contributing the tithe of my income. However, I am giving away all that money as an offering for my Church that is extremely poor, located in a village of extreme poverty (for example: it has no bathroon, access is clay and when it rains it is difficult to enter, etc.). But surely God is More present in it than in any other place. It’s composed of true Christians.


So the union is going to investigate itself. Hmmm.


Tito Correa has a point. The members of the Argentinian church, as far as I know, are not asking that the Argentine Union investigate itself. It would be much better to inform the parishioners about the investigation being carried out by the Federal Court.
No one needs the biased version of the investigated party.


No sign of any person who is well versed in audits and investigations. Only one lay person. And probably no one that will rock the boat.

Must be an Adventist investigation.


I heard the mindset of the members of the church in Argentina has been of frustration, shame and negativism.
I think, instead of speeches of excuses and defense, from whoever leader brings a message to the membrecy, it should be a speech of confession first. 'We have found dishonest transactions …etc’
Second, of call for a national season of instrospection, prayer for widom and unity.
Third, of mend, let the membership know there will be a neutral person to the Argentine Adventist community helping this investigation. Whom, I think, should be a man of God and law specialist from another country, with no ties to the Argentine Adventist community, this will give not only credibility but revitalizing hope and healing.

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