Art: Chocolate Jesus

By Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson The blog Iconia, "wherever faith meets art," has compiled a roundup of responses to the controversial sculpture of Jesus made from milk chocolate that has been all over the news. Here's what some bloggers and news outlets are saying about the cancellation of a Holy Week exhibition of Cosimo Cavallaro's "My Sweet Lord." Blogger and art history professor at tesserae asks "Why should stone or paint be given more respect or priority than the use of plastics or in this case chocolate?"  Joan Walsh on Salon says, "It's a bad day for the Jesus I personally believe in, the slightly swarthy, all-loving, hardworking guy who realizes he's going to have to spend yet another weekend not reading or playing golf or watching baseball, but trying to get Donohue to start acting like a good Christian, finally, and not a bully." Journalist Michelle Malkin asks, "How would the MSM cover an artist exhibition of a 'Chocolate Mohammed"' timed to coincide with Ramadan? They wouldn't. But find an artist to mock Jesus at Easter with a chocolate sculpture, and you'll get wall-to-wall coverage." University of Michigan student Todd shrugs: "I don't think it should have been as big of a fuss as it was." At Daily Kos, frstewart says, "My first question was whether the figure was hollow or solid - I always felt cheated somehow when I got a hollow bunny" and responds to Michelle Malkin. Read more at Iconia.

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