Art: Da Vinci Goes to the Dogs?

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By Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson

"Dinner and Drinks with the Son of Dog" © Ron Burns In his new painting "Dinner and Drinks with the Son of Dog," Ron Burns re-creates Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece "The Last Supper," but replaces Jesus and his disciples with dogs. One gallery owner has already refused to carry the work. "'Maybe the world isn't ready for this. Truth is, I wasn't trying to be controversial with this one,' says pop artist Ron Burns. 'I love Da Vinci, I love dogs[,] and it seemed like a fun idea to bring the two together.'" (Press Release:

Burns' specialty is portraits of dogs in vibrant neon colors. He has participated in charity functions for Animal Planet and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and has also been named artist-in-residence with The Humane Society of the United States. View Ron Burns' gallery here. What's your reaction to this artwork? Is it harmless? Offensive? Inconsequential?

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