Art: PUC Students Study Beauty in Paris

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By: Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson

A group of honors students from Pacific Union College recently completed "Beauty," a class on art and aesthetics, in a two-week excursion to Paris, France.“The course is not only a study of art history, but an examination of how we define beauty and aesthetics and how our definitions shape our perceptions of the world,” says Milbert Mariano, chair of the visual arts department, in an article posted on the PUC web site. Mariano teaches "Beauty" with Nancy Lecourt, PUC's Academic Dean. The course's web site states that "it is expected that [through this class] students will develop a more informed understanding of their own concepts of beauty and that they will be well on their way to developing a personal philosophy of what is beautiful, and what is art. It is also expected that students will come to a better understanding of the importance of ideas about beauty and aesthetics and how views of beauty inform and shape attitudes and views of the world." "Beauty" is in its fourth year of existence and was held in Paris for the first time. Previously, the course has been taught in Binfield, England and Florence, Italy. Article: "Paris in the Summer: Honors students study art abroad" View Photos & Blog: Beauty/Paris 2006

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