Asheville January Forum on Vaccine Hesitancy with Michael Scofield

The Asheville Adventist Forum presents Michael Scofield, M.B.A., discussing Vaccine Hesitancy in Adventism for their January online event.

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It is inconceivable to me how any serious Christian can oppose the vaccination program that has been statistically proven quite effective in preventing serious illness and death from the Covid 19 virus. Those in opposition ignore the evidence and propagate anecdotes and hear say on the basis of ideological irrelevancies. The Christian Gospel is summarized in the Great Commandment: Love God with all you have and your neighbor as yourself. If that does not tell me that one should not wish to be the carrier of a virus that may kill you and/or your neighbor I am a totally irrational person.
Yet, here in Berrien Springs, MI, the home of Andrews University, prominent leaders of the large Adventist community have brought in charlatans to promote resistance to the vaccine. It is incomprehensible!


It is funny to me how many feel that the science is clear about the statistical efficiency of a vaccination that was prepared for a very different covid variant. The science now says that the vaccination does very little and some evidence indicates it is counter productive for omicron.

Not sure what ‘science’ you are reading, it is not what I am reading on a daily basis. Your statement also shows a lack of understanding how viruses work. They change, constantly as need and therefore we have continuing updates to solutions, a normal part of science. The reason for yearly flu vaccinations. Without the science, you seem to be denigrating, many more people would die or get sick from the flu. It all depends on ones viewpoint, negative or positive towards medicine/science and in this day and age, politics. Yes, I would post the sources for the effectiveness of the current covid vaccines, but it would do nothing to change the mind of those opposed.

Here is the science: “Estimates of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine effectiveness (VE) have declined in recent months ( 1 , 2 ) because of waning vaccine induced immunity over time,* possible increased immune evasion by SARS-CoV-2 variants ( 3 ), or a combination of these and other factors” Effectiveness of a Third Dose of mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19–Associated Emergency Department and Urgent Care Encounters and Hospitalizations Among Adults During Periods of Delta and Omicron Variant Predominance — VISION Network, 10 States, August 2021–January 2022 | MMWR.

Seriously if anyone still thinks that the vaccines are reducing transmission or stopping infection for the omicron variant they must be living under a rock. Secondly, I am pretty sure you don’t understand viruses. They do not produce vaccines for the new flu variants they guess which variant will be the major player in the new flu season by which variants were the most active at the end of the last flu season. If flu viruses were constantly changing they would be like colds which is why there are no vaccines for colds.

If you want more look at the other country’s charts and see the rapid climb in cases even in places with over 90 percent vaccination rates.

Ron, Are you denying that COVID-19 vaccine reduces the severity of illness caused by the Omicrom variant?

Let’s see, maybe you can answer your own question. Is there any place in my comments that I mentioned anything about severity? Nope…so if I did not mention severity how do you ask such a question? As I have not written about severity and I can pretty much with confidence say that there has not been any scientific studies to ascertain the severity of the symptoms between vaccinated and unvaccinated people and age-stratified comparisons of a variant that is about 3 months old I can say that you have no answer to the severity of symptoms of omicron in vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. Correct me if I am wrong there. We do know that in general, the symptoms are much less severe in omicron cases for the majority of the population. Though we still don’t have age-stratified information on that either.

So what statistics do tell us is that the vaccination does not slow or stop the spread of the omicron virus or protect people from getting the virus. As you might recall, stopping the spread was the main reason for government mandates. We also know that natural immunity is real, the CDC finally admitted it and likely those infected by omicron will have immunity to omicron and some other versions of covid-19. So in simple terms pretty much everyone will catch omicron and they will have as good of better (well obviously better immunity) than that offered by the current vaccinations.

This is why keeping up with scientific information is more important than dwelling upon things of the past, even when the past was not that long ago.

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