My feline friend, Samson, now deceased,

was a giant like his namesake. Handsome,

strong and loving, he warmed my lonely bed.

In darkest of all days when my dearest

lay sans smile, sans speech, sans sight

and strength, terminal, he understood:

applied a perfect poultice of purring

to lessen pain, decrease the fog.

I asked a friend in wonder, “Will there be

any cats in Heaven?” My friend replied

with confidence, surprised, “Oh yes indeed,

of course, lots of cats in Heaven!”

Then I remembered:

“The wolf will lie with the lamb, the calf

and the lion, the yearling, and a little child

will lead them.” And I read, “Weep no more,

behold the lion of the tribe of Judah!”

Makes me glad and assured. Grace will reign,

no more pain, every tear dried, and perhaps

there may even be, yes, lots of cats in Heaven.

New Zealand born Mary Trim, who writes as Marye Trim, has a PhD in English Literature (Loughborough, UK, 1998) and studied journalism at the University of Queensland, Australia. She has authored five published books and hundreds of inspirational articles, stories and poems and was a newspaper columnist for nine years, while also working as missionary teacher in India and Thailand. She feels called to writing ministry and sees herself as akin to those “Out of Zebulon, they who handle the pen of the writer” (Judges 5:14).

Photo courtesy of Marye Trim.

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Yes, lots of cats in heaven. I’ll have a few of those life poultices around me. They are purrfect.


I have a short haired orange and white kitty named Buttercup. Heaven wouldn’t be the same without him. Yes, all cats go to heaven.

Well Tom, I have a “long haired orange President.”
Heaven without him? Hmmm,… have to think more about that one… :wink: :innocent:

I honestly don’t know about cats, … but I am sure that Chihuahuas will go to Heaven. At least this is what I am assuring our Fifi, and she is all excited about it… She sleeps almost all day long, … in the “assurance”…:laughing:

Introducing Fifi (5.7 lbs):

Gill,the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen was in Australia, in 1988. I traveled from Sydney to Brisbane by bus, stopping in Grafton for one day. My friends there had a couple of those “giant” cats, just impressive. When one of them, the friendly one, jumped on my lap I felt like a small lion had just landed. The other one, completely black, was not that excited with my lap… But both were just beautiful. Hope I meet them in Heaven… :wink:

This is one of mine (Jasper, a Norwegian forest cat, similar to a Maine Coon). Just wonderful. The man’s not bad either.


HaHa Gill, You are never biased, this for sure! :rofl:
Oh yes, Jasper has been showing on the Fords’ pics for a long time. Beautiful cat.

We could all write poetry about cats in response to Mary. She of course is a real poet and good at it, but here is mine:

The cat sat on the mat
But found it very flat
He then sat on a cushion
But could not get his tush on.

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Hey Gil, in case you ever quit on Theology, you have a great option…
As for me, my best in poetry would be,

I like cats
But my wife doesn’t
We have a dog
And my wife, too, loves her

As you can see, I am very able… to violate all rules of rhyme… I better stick with something else…

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