Atlantic Union College and Loma Linda University Explore Options

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Loma Linda University in California and Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts announce they have begun exploratory discussions toward a close working relationship between the two Seventh-day Adventist institutions. Academic and financial leadership at both institutions are studying various concerns and possibilities, such as rotating teaching assignments, strengthening existing programs and consolidation of support services. Plans are progressing to develop a proposal for consideration by their respective boards in late October and early November.

[Read the full AUC News Release: here]

Atlantic Union College first approached Loma Linda University because more than half of AUC students are in nursing or the natural sciences and Loma Linda is the premiere Seventh-day Adventist institution in the health sciences. Because both Loma Linda University and Atlantic Union College share similar missions and have a tradition of strong partnerships with other institutions, leadership believes this relationship could offer great benefits to the customers and constituents of both institutions.

Norman Wendth, president Atlantic Union College

Donald King, chair Atlantic Union College Board of Trustees

Dr. Richard Hart, President, Loma Linda University

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