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A quick memo to the Adventist Theological Society:

I'm impressed that you are talking about the role of Adventism in society during the AAR/SBL meetings this weekend.

I hope that your best ideas will correct the current privatist mood within our faith community. While I wouldn't want to prejudge the papers, I wish that you had included more diverse and emerging - even prophetic - Adventist voices on this essential quodlibet. Beyond the seminary Rolodex there exist a number of minority and faithful graduate students who have been thinking and writing on this topic lately at Fuller, Claremont, and USC. Oh, and they've also mixed in a bit o' praxis.

I hope that your day-long discussion leads to a broad, thoughtful and radical conversation within our church about the role of our faith in working for justice and the common good. Keep in touch - the future sounds best in dialogue.


Alexander Carpenter

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