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When was the first time you heard or read this story?

One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking up and gently throwing starfish back into the ocean. “Why are you doing that?”  He asked.

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This reminds me of the story about Pastor Delafield, who held an effort (that’s what they called them in those days) in New York City and only baptized two young gentlemen. One of them was Ron Halvorsen, who went on to baptize thousands (I won’t even comment on our Adventist issues around baptism or the perceived need to keep track of those numbers). Ron encountered Pastor Delafield some years later and asked him about that effort in NYC. Delafield admitted that he’d only baptized two people; Ron corrected him with the number of people he had baptized, crediting Delafield with his own accomplishments.

After most of a lifetime in academia, I still recall certain faculty and colleagues who inspired, encouraged, and instructed me toward my career. I also remember some students I spent lots of time with and, hopefully, helped them through their issues.

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Dwight Arthur Delafield… quite a legend! Lived 90 yrs until 2003. His published works were well researched and are still relevant for consulting!

I find that Christ’s method of evangelism was mostly one to one. The recorded encounters were mostly about His interaction with people seeking " truth " Just to name a few, Nicodemus, Zachias, the rich young ruler, the women at the well, the woman who touched His robe I think these stories are instructive as to the way God interacts with men and women. He invites the individual to follow in His footsteps. There is no hint of coercion. This is the way of love -to freely choose a life that reflects the mind of Christ The disciples were invited to follow Him without any incentive to do so .It seems that the individual is upper most in God’s heart
Dave Okamura

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