“Authority and Heterodoxy”: the 47th Annual West Coast Religion Teachers Conference Meets at Pacific Union College

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Are you talking about making Adventism relevant again to Adventists, those outside of Adventism, or both? I don’t think it ever was relevant to those outside of Adventism.

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What I had in mind was mainly the relevance for the young generation. It seems that the passage of relevance from one generation to the next is loosing steam.

Certainly because the Church is not adjusting to new realities, new facts, new information, etc. When something becomes obsolete in the presence of “the new and fresh,” it’s time to adjust, even re-adjust. The Denomination refuses to do that. Instead, they choose to grow beards, go to the old Battle Creek, and institute fresh new “kompliance kommittees.”

Go figure komrades!!! :wink: !

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Not just science. It’s EGW studies, biblical and theological research, archaeology, history, anything you can think of that might encourage us to improve or rethink what we have received.

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You make me laugh, George. Very funny. I’ll order the hats.

Has Adventism ever really been relevant?

I think it may have felt relevant to early converts. But that secret knowledge that Jesus was coming soon turned out to be irrelevant.

Since that time the group has attempted to find relevancy and I question whether they have been successful.

Adventists had a little hope for relevancy with some of their health practices, but the adherence to healthy living habits and healthy eating has never been adopted by the majority of members. And health is not a religion—or at least it shouldn’t be.

Unfortunately during the history of this church the leadership, when given a choice, has consistently taken actions in the direction of irrelevancy and they continue to do so. But the big problem with this group is that they believe the opposite to be true. They have convinced themselves that they are supremely relevant.

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No question that keeping such information hidden is a betrayal of leadership in a church community.

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