Authorship of Hebrews: Reviewing Cortez’s Case—Part 3

Recently, Félix Cortez published an article on the Spectrum website arguing that Paul the apostle was the author of the Letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament. This essay, published weekly in four parts, is a review of that paper and its evidence and findings, a response to the elements of his case, and a summary of my own views on the issue.

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Near the beginning of Part 3, the sentence that starts, “The first example – Heb 10:37-38, like Rom 11:27, quotes Jer 31:31-33 . . .” should read: “The first example – Heb 10:16, like Rom 11:27, quotes Jer 31:31-33 with ‘the same abbreviated formula’ – is by far the worst of the three and the easiest to dismiss.” Likewise, the heading of the first column in the following table should read “Heb 10:16-17” instead of “Heb 10:37-38.”

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These edits have been made to the website article.

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