Bad Religious Practice

Essential religious warning markers to caution us before we act unreligious.

If you are into professional sports like I am, you will know that statistical science has become a big part of professional sports, and it's most likely here to stay. Before, during, and after the game, Sports pundits will drown you with numbers and statistically based analysis and predictions.

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Not only is it bad, but illogical! Thanks for the article.

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Thank-you so much! The older I get the more certain I am that many of our beliefs should be loosely held because the whole truth is more complicated than we can imagine. I expect most of us will be surprised at what we learn during those first years in heaven before the New Jerusalem comes back to earth. For that matter, we may be surprised at how those experiences play out in reality.

Thank-you again for your thoughtful insights. If we were less certain we have the entire truth, we might be more willing to listen to each other and less willing to criticize those who disagree with us on any given point.


I wonder how much of the “hanging on to the tenants of the past” are really an effort to stand out and be different in the face of ever-changing cultural context, and that would be the only reason. The apostle Paul certainly recognized cultural dynamism and was exceedingly flexible. Reading between his lines at various times in his life reveals hopeful doubt and humility. Not all of his questions were answered. However, enough were that he was at peace in the end, and expressed it so. We do, indeed, live in a complicated world…

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The author has so diplomatically and obliquely diagnosed the problem for the institutional SDA church today. Stated more bluntly, we have been raised to believe we are RIGHT and all others are WRONG. And the ‘right’ is set in concrete, with no opportunity for deeper understanding or clarity. Not only does such an approach stifle questions, it also stifles spiritual growth.

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