Being "Restless & Rebellious" Is Not Bad

This week’s Sabbath School lesson focuses on Numbers and First Corinthians and explores ways that individuals and groups have been restless and rebellious. As I read the texts and the commentary and processed the quarterly’s message of respecting leaders and sticking with the group, I found myself thinking the opposite. And that’s not because I don’t like or trust authority. I value the careful use of power to propel communities to achieving their mission. But I had just watched a great new documentary, currently playing in theaters and streaming on Hulu, that showed me ways that being restless and rebellious can be a net good: politically and even spiritually. 

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“Restless and rebellious” is a phrase that was used, as I was growing up in church and school, to not be a ‘good thing’! Reading the article the thought came to mind that the phrase was highjacked for suppression uses so as to keep young minds from wondering too far outside the lines. Probably unintentional, but never the less, that is what happened. I remember reading a small Morris Venden book where he made the comment that we, SDA’s, studied and new so much about about Jewish religious culture that we were in danger of becoming like them. Stay inside the boundaries of religious teachings and God will look with favor upon you. Now, today, people are searching out for a better understanding of God, which is called progress, change, etc. Restless and rebellious can indeed be a very ‘good thing’!

Watching the trailers for the film … powerful stuff. And with 50 plus years in between … there may be quite a few lessons to learn…
I guess, I am ready to watch this movie.
Thanks for sharing such different kind of poetry.

Hi,glad to read your comments and intentions for the coming quarters discussions. It seems to me that we have begun a bit o a decline in challenging our thinking in what really makes us tick. Looking back at the beginnings of our church I seem to remember that it started with a group of young’rebels’. Go for it Alexander and God bless. Jim Bussau.

Restless and rebellious are of the devil. Self control, gentleness, meekness are all fruits the Holy Spirit. Humans are born sinful, rebellious, and restless. Saints are humans who have been born again, born of the Holy Spirit, they have receive eternal rest from Christ. They will never die and the fruits of the Spirit grow and flourish in their lives forever and ever. The fruits of Satan are forever dead to them. Christians who teach otherwise are deceived and are under the influence of Satan, the great perverter. We must repent from these perverted, unbiblical, and powerless teachings. These teachings make many friends on earth but make enemies of God, Christ, and His Holy angels.

Seems to me that the SS lesson authors are borrowing terms and maybe ideas from Samuel Bacchiocchi’s Sabbath theology (1980), “Divine Rest for Human Restlessness.” So far in the quarter they have ignored the fact that restlessness has both beneficial and detrimental consequences. Restlessness is a result of man’s sinful desires. This will prominent in lesson 3. But Alexander correctly questions the balance and even the wisdom of casting restlessness in such a negative light. After all, the Spirit uses restlessness to awaken and motivate holiness movements. There is a spiritual discontent that motivates me to make important changes in life, and even take faith risks. It would be nice if the lesson authors were to explore this dimension of restlessness.


We are called to be content as Christians to be at ease with what the Lord provides. God provides all that we need, he takes vengeance on our enemies, we are not called to be involved in worldly happenings like politics, Jesus said asked “who’s likeness is on the coin” they replied Cesar and Jesus said “give to Cesar what is Cesars and give to God what is God’s”. According to God there is no room for Rebellion only Love. like the great psalm states “the Lord is my Shepard I shall not want”.

Well said, I just joined the SDA church and was baptized in Sept. 2020. I came here for the truth and sadly it seems many Adventists on this post want what I just left in the apostate Protestant Church. Thank you for your inspirational comment!

Some ideas seem to indicate that sitting on our posteriors, gazing at our navels, is what God wanted for humans. I would suggest that perhaps we have not studied or thought about the meanings of words. Christ was a rebel in His own time.

  1. Could you please state what you left that church for?
  2. Know that there is no pure and faithful Church as of date. All churches are in some kind of apostasy which the individual members are to recognize and discard and hold on to the truth as it is in Jesus.
  3. The Sabbath and sanctuary doctrines are not saving gospel.
  4. Stay in the church but not be part of its false teachings.

For Adventists, Ellen White is the Caesar and shepherdess!

yes, and no matter how much she is villified and discredited, true believers in egw’s prophetic calling will remain true believers…there is a power in her writings unavailable anywhere else, outside of parts of the bible…

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