Ben Carson Tests Positive for COVID-19 — and More News Shorts

In the latest news round-up, Ben Carson has tested positive for COVID-19, a wounded Armenian pastor survives the frontlines and advocates for peace, and Loma Linda University Health unveils new sculpture dedicated to nurses.

Ben Carson Tests Positive for COVID-19. According to Religion News Service, Seventh-day Adventist Ben Carson, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has tested positive for COVID-19. News that Carson, whose faith tradition stresses health, has tested positive for the virus was revealed by a HUD spokesperson on Monday, November 9. “Secretary Carson has tested positive for the coronavirus,” Coalter Baker, Carson’s chief of staff, reportedly told ABC News in a statement. “He is in good spirits and feels fortunate to have access to effective therapeutics which aid and markedly speed his recovery.”

The diagnosis comes less than a week after Carson attended an election-night party at the White House where Mark Meadows, President Trump’s chief of staff, also made an appearance and later tested positive for the novel coronavirus. It is unclear if Carson wore a mask while attending the White House election party, where all were tested beforehand, but many — including Meadows — did not wear face coverings. Carson has advocated for mask-wearing during the pandemic, telling ABC News 5 Cleveland in June that “if we all do it, it will make a dramatic difference,” however, he has reportedly been spotted attending indoor events this year without one.

From Religion News Service, “Ben Carson, Seventh-day Adventist, tests positive for coronavirus.”

Wounded SDA Armenian Pastor Survives Conscription, Advocates Peace. According to Trend News Agency, Armenian pastor Hovsep Sahakyan, who was captured during the hostilities in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, took part in a service held at the House of Prayer of the Seventh-day Adventists in Baku. Sahakyan said that he was glad to be in the House of the Lord. "As a believer, a pastor, I have always wanted the Azerbaijani and Armenian peoples to live in peace. And the word of God speaks of peace. God wants peace, and God wants us to live in peace. I am glad that God miraculously saved my life.”

“When they told me at the military commissariat that I must go to the front, I replied that I am a believer; I will not take up arms and will not kill because the commandment says "Do not kill," Sahakyan added. “But they told me it didn't matter.”

“I went there without a weapon; I thought that I would work in the hospital,” Sahakyan said. “When I was in Gubadli district and the shooting began, I was wounded; a shrapnel hit my leg. They wanted to transfer me to the hospital, but on the way to the hospital, there was an accident. Everyone was killed, except for me, I survived."

“Saving my life, God gave me a new opportunity,” the Armenian pastor said. "I call on the two peoples to live in peace. If I had a choice, I would not choose war. I call on my people to stop the bloodshed and come to peace. I urge all believers who have been called to war not to take up arms and not to go to war." The Armenian pastor added that he agrees that the Nagorno-Karabakh region is not the territory of Armenia.

From Trend News Agency, “Armenian pastor urges Armenian people to stop bloodshed and come to peace.”

Loma Linda University School of Nursing Unveils New Sculpture Honoring 115 Years of Nursing Education. According to Loma Linda University Health News, “Be His Light,” a new sculpture honoring 115 years of nursing education at Loma Linda University School of Nursing, was unveiled in front of West Hall during a livestream dedication ceremony on November 5. The sculpture, set in the 1950s, depicts the blend of a nurse’s faith and clinical practice to provide compassion, hope, and the promise of wholeness. “Be His Light” is one of three life-size, faith-based sculpture installations on the campus of Loma Linda University Health created by sculptor Victor Issa. The sculpture was donated by an anonymous School of Nursing graduate.

According to Elizabeth Bossert, PhD, RN, dean of Loma Linda University School of Nursing, two bible texts served as the inspiration for the bronze sculpture. “Jesus said: ‘I am the light of the world,’ John 8:12 and ‘You are the light of the world,’ in Mathew 5:14,” she said. “His light is represented as an oil lamp in our nursing dedication ceremony — a milestone in each nurse’s journey,” Bossert said. “As our alumni live out Loma Linda University Health’s mission to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ, may they share His light, illuminating the way as they care for a hurting world.” 

The year 2020, recognized by the World Health Organization as the “Year of Nurse,” proved true for Loma Linda University Health as the institution celebrated two historic nursing landmarks. Both Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and Loma Linda University Medical Center were awarded the highest honor of healthcare nursing excellence — Magnet Recognition, part of the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program.

From Loma Linda University Health News, “New sculpture depicts nurses’ faith and commitment to compassionate care.”


Please note: Spectrum news round-ups are an aggregation of regional, national, and international publications around the world that have reported on stories about Adventists. As such, the accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the original publishers, which are noted and hyperlinked at the end of each excerpt.


Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Yucaipa, California.

Image: Secretary Carson Visits Faith-Based Homelessness Service Providers in Detroit, August 17, 2020. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on Flickr (public domain).


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I’m having difficulty finding an update on Carson’s condition. I’m surprised by the silence.

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Oh, the affirmative action doctor turned politician got sick

I think he is fine. Must be just looking for a new job…


prince william, apart from prince charles, also tested positive, and no-one knew until relatively recently…medical conditions are an area where privacy is relatively standard…

i think the real takeaway from carson’s illness is the fact that practically everybody in trump’s orbit has tested positive…it’s like the white house is now a super spreader entity, and a danger to the surrounding public…i thought it was interesting that jared and ivanka were recently confronted by their kids’ private school, which thought that their public behaviour broke safety guidelines in place at the school…of course jared and ivanka pulled their kids out of the school because they felt offended that their choices were being questioned…

meanwhile trump is obsessing about an election he lost while more than a million americans have tested positive during this past week…i think this coming thxgiving/xmas season is going to be a massive medical disaster…there aren’t enough hospital beds or staff to keep pace with such a surge…maybe the FDA should just dispense with their review protocols and green light pfizer and moderna vaccines now, for those who want them…


Welp, he said he was taking that medicine promoted by the My Pillow guy, so he’s got that going for him…:smirk:

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He is in good company, Don Trump Jr. …oh, and Giuliani’s son as well… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Don’t be obstinate. Washing hands is basic hygiene, not an exclusive theological doctrine or practice.

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I saw that the other day - it’s an extract from the highly toxic Oleandar plant - and was appalled (of course!).

I saw this earlier today and was shocked at how different the story was from the prior one regarding the Oleandar extract. This more recent story seemed a bit more credible, though failure to mention the extract doesn’t mean he didn’t take it as well.

The stupid bureaucracy in the US is discouraging. I just saw in the news that there is a Covid test that can be self-administered at home. It’s also used outside the US, but here, well … it needs the approval of the FDA… Imagine!
This (inexpensive) test could be mailed to every home in America, resulting in an immediate knowledge of who is even an asymptomatic transmitter. People could test themselves once a week. But still, oh, the FDA… It may take the FDA 6 months+ to approve it… Go figure… :roll_eyes:

apparently the oleander extract provided temporary relief, but couldn’t stop covid from advancing:

personally, i think that while prudence and caution under normal circumstances makes a lot of sense, the point is, there are times, like now, when we’re not living under normal circumstances…the FDA, and other agencies, would do well to develop emergency procedures that they can fall back on when the situation is dire…they should provide remedies and developments that show promise, even when they aren’t proven to the nth degree, especially for those who knowingly want them…after-all, if people who knowingly take these remedies end up dying, this outcome is no different than what would have happened without them…

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The $50(ish) test has its limits. Until next spring, it will be limited to patients at Sutter Health in Northern California and Cleveland Clinic Florida in Miami-Fort Lauderdale. Once it becomes available, you will need a prescription, which means the doctor has to suspect you have COVID-19 - so why not just take the test when in the doctor’s office? Video visits are much more common now, which would offer a good rationale for self-testing. The company claims 94 percent sensitivity (6% false negatives) and 98 percent specificity (2% false positives), which is very good, but this won’t benefit any of us during the long dark winter ahead of us.

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I have Kaiser and live two blocks from their Riverside hospital. I was tested about a month ago, for free. Someone came to our home and became sick the next day… But both my wife and I tested negative.

Kaiser now tests only people who have symptoms.


meanwhile most of covid spread is apparently through asymptomatic people…

the real answer is the vaccines, which will hopefully be available in a few months…society just has to find a way to hang on until then…


its not a vaccine it is GENETICS

EGW says imperfect

To many, scientific research has become a curse. God has permitted a flood of light to be poured upon the world in discoveries in science and art; but even the greatest minds, if not guided by the word of God in their research, become bewildered in their attempts to investigate the relations of science and revelation. Human knowledge of both material and spiritual things is partial and imperfect; therefore many are unable to harmonize their views of science with Scripture statements. Many accept mere theories and speculations as scientific facts, and they think that God’s word is to be tested by the teachings of “science falsely so called.” 1 Timothy 6:20. The Creator and His works are beyond their comprehension; and because they cannot explain these by natural laws, Bible history is regarded as unreliable. Those who doubt the reliability of the records of the Old and New Testaments too often go a step further and doubt the existence of God and attribute infinite power to nature. Having let go their anchor, they are left to beat about upon the rocks of infidelity. DD 8.2 - DD 8.3

actually both early covid vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna are examples of so-called genetic vaccines, using synthetic mRNA to code for the critical signature protein associated with the covid virus…it’s significant that they’ve been developed in the shortest time frame for all vaccines being developed for covid (and in fact for all vaccines ever developed)…

the advantage of genetic vaccines, besides their rapid development time, is that they aren’t the live or attenuated viral proteins of the covid virus, and when injected, can’t cause disease…look for this type of application for other viral diseases in the future…i’m thinking everything from the common flu to AIDS…

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spike proteins genetically modified like crops
what if these genetics bind or cross pollinate with other diseases

once you release these vaccines can it be like plants and issues with crops ?

Satan works through the elements also to garner his harvest of unprepared souls. He has studied the secrets of the laboratories of nature, and he uses all his power to control the elements as far as God allows. When he was suffered to afflict Job, how quickly flocks and herds, servants, houses, children, were swept away, one trouble succeeding another as in a moment. It is God that shields His creatures and hedges them in from the power of the destroyer. But the Christian world have shown contempt for the law of Jehovah, and the Lord will do just what He has declared that He would—He will withdraw His blessings from the earth and remove His protecting care from those who are rebelling against His law and teaching and forcing others to do the same. Satan has control of all whom God does not especially guard. He will favor and prosper some, in order to further his own designs; and he will bring trouble upon others and lead men to believe that it is God who is afflicting them

are you saying we can expect something good from SATAN
or alternatively your saying its from GOD

mRNA vaccines are genetically specific…this is because the viral protein coats they code for is genetically specific…there’s even some question whether they, or any covid vaccines, can function against naturally mutated covid, as seen in mink farms in Denmark and Ireland, which is why these countries are culling their mink populations (Sweden is considering similar action)…there’s no possibility that an mRNA covid vaccine can give someone a dangerous new, and incurable, disease, which is what i think you’re suggesting…

this is what i’m saying…anything good that benefits mankind is from god…this is irrespective of whether the scientist involved believes in or worships god…

keep in mind that the mechanisms satan uses to bring death and disease in our world can all be qualified and quantified to the extent that today’s scientific advances allows…satan can’t create out of nothing…that is, he cannot do what god can do…all he can do is work to corrupt and sabotage the natural properties and propensities of living things created by god, along with disease agents like viruses (which aren’t alive because they can’t replicate outside of a host), which in egw’s day wouldn’t have been understood, but in our time largely is…

of course we can expect that satan, who’s had at least 6,000 yrs on earth to study and experiment with living things, and what makes them tick, is far in advance of our capacities…but to the extent that we understand the science behind something, we can do what satan does…

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This is vaccine that works in way that is taught in our SDA education systems high school biology class. Thinking that the vaccine destroys or modifies DNA is the equivalent of saying kissing and holding hands can make you pregnant.

You are talking about changing DNA which is in the core of a cell. The vaccine only works in the cytoplasm of the cell and is not capable of reaching the DNA. Physically impossible. How do we know, well science, we have learned about the rules that God created and biology follows without fail.

I would advise you refresh your knowledge of basic biology.