Ben Carson Tests Positive for COVID-19 — and More News Shorts

Wonderful for Carson to have a great recovery.
So shocking that even with scientific proof the politics of some will not accept the therapeutic of using hydroxychloraquine with zinc to settle down the affects of the virus. I have now heard numerous physicians who have had 100% success. The hydroxy helps open the cells to be more receptive for the zinc to do its work, and it works! It is best when taken during the first few days or asap. Simple searches can locate the facts. Australia will jail any MD using hydroxy to treat covid related sickness, but if used for rheumatoid arthritis it is ok. Go figure!!
Actually, the virus really only has a large impact on very old and very sickly people. Examples, older than 70 and those with asthma because it affects the lungs. Also, those with weak immune systems always or from recovery of major issues like cancer treatments. The number of cases and the word “spread” mean very little to me anymore. Deaths only is the real statistic to watch. Fear has been the focus and it just isn’t worth the damage to let it control us.
The best we can regularly do is wash hands and face often and avoid living in winter mode by getting fresh air, exercise, and sunshine vitamin D. Masks have shown in studies to be of no value unless you change them every hour.


I totally an unequivocally disagree with your thinking. I am sick and tired of our “enlightened” biblical adherents, denying God’s other laws. Natural laws, which are just as valid as biblical writings, which were filtered through flawed humanity. The exploration of these natural laws through scientific study have brought about the salvation of millions of human lives. When we plant our heads deep in the sand and clutch onto writings written thousands of years ago, while I will agree are inspired, but they are not scientifically evolved and are scientifically errant in so many ways, we make ourselves religious cultists with a penchant to discarding the very structure of the universe’s orderly driven functions which were also God’s laws. Remember, science did not invent anything, scientists only discovered what God had already put in place. To use this information for the betterment of humanity is a blessing from God…not some wacko conspiracy that only belongs on the cover of the National Enquirer.


Science challenges our cherished notions. Therefore science is bad.
Until we hop in our car and drive to the Verizon store for a new cell phone.

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I totally an unequivocally disagree with your thinking

GOD created everything PERFECT
are your saying man can recreate perfection ? aka man is flawed
you answered your own question
when you state GODS natural law

are you saying MAN can become GOD - EGW says MAN = FLAWED
you just highlighted KELLOGGS issue

i don’t think that’s it…the genome for covid19 doesn’t have any of the markers typical of a man-made virus…it’s more likely a natural virus that has undergone natural, unfortunate, mutations (and i don’t rule out, at all, that these apparently natural mutations have been engineered by satan because god has allowed it)…

but it is the case that covid has brought world leaders to their knees…notably, it is probably responsible for the defeat of trump, for which we can all be thankful…

as for roman catholic world rule, i don’t think this is likely, since it isn’t required by egw prophecy…all that is required is a worldwide image to catholicism, which we know is sunday observance, which doesn’t necessarily need religious overtones…one scenario, that many have already conjectured on, is adherence to the papacy’s call for a sunday rest day to combat global warming…personally, i think this is the most likely scenario, given what we’re seeing now…in addition, we know that egw prophecy calls for worsening weather patterns to give impetus to sunday laws…

but covid does demonstrate that worldwide effects can happen suddenly, which is another feature of egw prophecy…

it’s only FOX and trump affiliates pedalling the China Virus theory…several well-known articles have refuted the theory, including:

What are you talking about?

Are Fox and Veith your sources?

Pray that people will wear masks, observe social distancing, and wash their hands.

As the CDC director said, the mask is the most powerful weapon against COVID19 that we have. Thank God.

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my point is highlight by your response
why are SPECTRUM loyalists so anti views and have a set opinion and no one else matters ?

masks are only effective if disposable and one use like a condom
I don’t agree with WALTER he sits on the fence and skirts the edges and so does SPECTRUM

my dad was in the army there was a lot of bio weapons discussion 1950s

mask can be a form of Chinese medicine
just grind some frogs legs and snake ears and cockroach wings into a paste
my point is many are drawn to these magical medical solutions yet my question is

when Israel was amongst nations punished by diseases where did the receive a vaccine or ppe
OR FAITH was there protection and even JESUS on the cross rejected pain killers

to bring in false theories regarding God and Christ. And miracles were wrought, to deceive, if possible, the very elect.

Satan has come down in these last days to work with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish. His satanic majesty works miracles in the sight of false prophets,

some in this forum quote
MASKS that’s similar to closing yourself in a closed roof
tho EGW through inspiration from GOD encourages well ventilated spaces and they took patient’s outside in open air

It is obvious that you are very worried about this and trying to make sense of what is happening.

Your fearfulness and aggressive approach to this is not only unnecessary but I think is unhealthy for you.

In this state of mind it is easy to lose perspective and more likely to bounce around with all kinds of theories and misconceptions without realizing it.

So please slow down and really think through your approach and level of thinking.


Time to wake up. You evidently never heard the testimony from Dr. Li-Meng Yan. China did develop and release the virus. Search her name and you will become informed.

Masks have now been proven to be useless for prevention unless you change them every hour.
They actually become a trap for viruses and germs which in time becomes a warehouse for the junk and the person wearing the mask continues to suck in by inhaling the junk. Moisture is a blessing to the junk in the warehouse. Logic and common sense.

This statement is just baffling. I hope nobody ends dying for following this kind of irresponsible advice. But, if someone does, make sure you send your “thoughts & prayers” to the families…


Trolling again are you…such foolishness and ignorance you spout.

Your statements sound like you went to school in or study from texts in the early 19th century.

Thankfully we have people who are up to date with 21st century knowledge and do not encourage dangerous behavior in society.


i’ve heard something interesting recently - speculative, but interesting…apparently masks may act like a vaccine, since they admit only subclinical amounts of covid, allowing the wearer to develop some amount of immunity over time…i wish i could remember where and from who i heard this…

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