Ben Carson's Next Move: Ride Trump's Coattails?

“But then women should not be in leadership positions.”

Yes, the men have done such a fantastic job of leadership throughout millennia :wink:


i think it’s great that ben is out there, doing what he can to improve society…i think he continues to make our church look good and relevant…i don’t think his endorsement of trump is an attempt to secure anything for himself, although it would be wonderful if he ends up with a cabinet post, or maybe even the vice presidency…

of course trump will have to beat hillary in november, and while it’s theoretically possible, i don’t think it will happen…when push comes to shove, every democrat will rally around hillary, and obama has had a successful, country-altering presidency, which means his third term through hillary is to be expected…but hillary might consider using ben for something, too…after-all, bill clinton had bill cohen in his cabinet, and that seemed to work out well…i think hillary should pick john kerry as her running mate, win the election on military credibility, but then put ben in her cabinet as education secretary…reagan’s bill bennett was incredibly influential, and ben can be the same…i don’t think ben should be surgeon general, since i’d love to see bill clinton’s joycelyn elders come back - she was very entertaining…

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Yet, Carson is on record with the public mainstream media as denouncing his church’s rejection of ordaining women and its vote at the San Antonio 2015 General Conference. He said his church was wrong and that women should be ordained.


His endorsing Trump is just “political stuff.” Dr. Carson and Trump are no longer non politicians. They “have arrived.”


We saw his vindictive side after the Cruz campaign forwarded the CNN report, and Carson continually demanded that someone be fired for making that mistake. Ever since then I started to feel that Carson might actually be one to jump on the Trump wagon when he dropped out, though I didn’t really believe it would ever happen. I guess I gave Carson too much credit.

I don’t know if we’re seeing arrogance or foolishness in Carson believing that he can bring dramatic change to the Trump campaign and to Trump. But if he can, great.

Carson has always been a little more progressive than conservative, I always figured he’d go with Rubio who is progressive leaning rather than extreme progressive Donald Trump. But at the end of the day, they have enough things that do line up, mainly the belief that good government > less government. They don’t want to get government out of running our lives, they want to change the kind of government that is running our lives.

I feel for the many supporters of Carson whose running argument line was typically something anti-Trump. It’s kind of like being between a rock and a hard place. It’s either you double down and jump with Carson onto the Trump wagon and embrace a candidate and ideals and values you know darn well you don’t believe in. Or admit that Carson was not the Conservative hero and anti-politician that you believed he was.

Sadly, many are choosing to jump rather than admit they were mistaken and vote their values.

Still, all we can do is pray and hope for the best. With Rubio and Kasich insisting on a brokered convention, it’s going to be rough road to defeating Donald Trump.

Politicians are always tempted to back the inevitable winner, in an effort to get in his or her good graces. But a Trump endorsement is more likely than usual to pay off in the form of power or influence within an administration.

At the endorsement news conference on Friday, Carson was asked whether he would be interested in serving in Trump’s administration. Carson said he and Trump had already agreed he would be involved in formulating policy.

“I would be very interested in helping to achieve the goal of saving America and making it great,” he said.
Trump’s complete lack of ideological principles is, perversely, another good reason to endorse him. If you think Trump is an empty vessel, being one of his early prominent backers puts you in a good position to fill the vessel with whatever ideas you think are good.

During the Republican presidential primary campaign, Donald Trump called Ben Carson.
a “child molester”

Now consider Ben Carson. Would a President Cruz or President Marco Rubio be likely to allow Carson within a mile of the policymaking apparatus? Of course not. They already have strongly held policy views and cadres of policy advisers more qualified than Carson. At best, he could hope to be a ceremonial surgeon general.

Of course, it’s also possible that a President Trump would end up excluding Carson, too. Or he could make Carson the secretary of health and human services. At least with Trump, Carson has a shot at power and relevance.

Perhaps the saddest 3 statements ever made by a candidate for President came from Ben Carson:

  1. In a speech at the 2013 Values Voters’ Summit, Carson said that Obamacare was “the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,” and described the law as “slavery, in a way.”

  2. Carson told Newsmax TV that the president can ignore the Supreme Court on marriage equality. Unless he’s re-written the constitution, Carson is wrong. Article III of the constitution grants the Court original jurisdiction in disputes between two or more U.S. states, and nobody — not Congress or the president — can take it away.

  3. Carson told CNN host Chris Cuomo that prisoners “prove” that homosexuality is a choice, because “a lot of people who go into prison, go into prison straight, and when they come out, they’re gay.”Science says Carson is wrong, and that evidence overwhelmingly suggests that sexual orientation is inborn. On the other hand, religion undeniably is a choice. After all, a lot of people who go into prison go into prison Christians, and when they come out, they’re Muslims. Yet, it never occurs to Carson that the same argument applies. So, on that basis, why should religion be a protected status? Carson later apologized for his remarks and promised he just wouldn’t talk about gay issues anymore. How likely is that to last?

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Another suggestion Dr. Carson is to make sure you do not squint, close your eyes or look downward when talking to a camera. You come across as being too passive and submissive. Convey self confidence by looking straight at the camera. Remember, the eyes are windows of the soul.


Carson has no business being in politics. He lacks the experience and the understanding of how politics works.

I think the devil is using him to entrap other Christians into thinking Trump will do well for our country.

The Time of the End is Here!

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Be nice & leave Carson alone. He’s just going the extra mile beyond turning the other cheek when he’s kissing Trump’s ring.


This makes clear Carson’s abject political opportunism, and that his campaign was devoid of any principle other than the promotion of himself. He was a great surgeon. He has shown himself to be less than a great human being.


Naiivite or just extreme Right Wing autocratic origins?
It hardly matters, his attitudes and choices reveal a man in no way suited for high public office.


Some time ago I wrote a piece on religion and politics. While this paper is not dealing directly with Trump and Carson there are general principles that you may find applicable:

Ben Carson may have been the world’s best neurosurgeon, but he is definately a fish out of water when it come to the political arena. His endorsement of Trump is evidence enough.