Beware of Wolves Disguised as Sheep

Well said. There are below your post all the usual suspects perseverating about doctrinal truth, male headship unity and the like. In fact 2 Peter 2 is not at all clear on what is the doctrinal issue but is very clear that it is about Christians behaving badly. And behaving badly because of false doctrine that allows one return to the life of sin from which the believer was drawn. As far as I can tell it is about a proto-gnosticism or perhaps an hellinistic neoplatonism that was confronting the church. A dualism and belief that in fact what was done in the body does not matter but what knowledge you have of the spark of the divine within that is the basis of your spiritual life. It is precisely this sentiment that characterized Vernon Howell; when you become Gods servant David Koresh you are immune from the constraints and political correctness of the petty worldly people who actually care about what people think. When you are on a prophetic mission from God the normal ethical constraints on behaviour civility and compassion are jettisoned. As always Peter is advocating that a Godly life lived in the flesh is the basis of discipleship of Gods Kingdom. Grace and ethics always characterizes a true Christian.

If psychological projection is an unconscious self-defense mechanism characterized by a person unconsciously attributing their own issues onto someone or something else as a form of delusion and denial–in other words, if the kindergarten adage “What you say is what you are” is an effective means for determining a person’s character–then here’s a short list of false prophets (that is, people who’ve accused other people of being false prophets):

David Koresh
Oral Roberts
Ellen G. White
Paul (nee Saul)
Yeshua, aka, Jesus Christ