Blame: A Sabbath Worship Experience

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I don’t remember last week – at least not in any significant detail. It is not because I was abducted, nor is it because I suffer from any kind of medical condition that affects my memory. I have come to the conclusion that life simply gets full, and to allow myself to be able to function, often times I go on autopilot. Autopilot is scary. I remember one night when I was in my late teens. I looked around at one end of I-84, realizing that I didn’t remember the last 10 miles of freeway. The thing about autopilot is that often I don’t know what kinds of judgments I might make when I’m in autopilot. As Freud might say, I don’t trust my id. As I say, I don’t trust the darkness inside of me. When my attention is away, I find I float through life, getting everything I need to done, but not really all the way present. When I get time to slow down and reflect, often I find myself reviewing my recent actions as a security guard might review security camera footage. From time to time, when reviewing this footage, I come upon actions that I am not proud of, and more than not, me gossiping is in the archive. I know what damage gossip can do, and my better self really abhors it, but I far too commonly find my inner self indulging in it as one might savor a sweet snack when one knows on is supposed to be on a diet. Thinking about gossip, I came across a bit of a talk by our speaker from last week that exposed for me what often lies at its heart – blame. It seems that gossip is a sort of meta blame where, even if the gossip doesn’t relate directly to me, in a way I am saying “You know what’s wrong with the my work place, my city, my country, my world? Well let me give you some examples of who is to blame and why.” I don’t think honestly pointing out responsibility is wrong, but I often find that when I gossip, I am soothing myself - looking for an excuse to abdicate my responsibility. I find myself blaming. It does not end there, however, for we are promised grace, and when we find ourselves abdicating responsibility and blame, that is when we find grace is closest, reminding us of who we are, but more than this, reminding us of who Jesus is.

Introit: Lux Aurumque - The Concordia Choir

Opening Hymn: Nothing But The Blood | Robert Lowry | LIVE by Michael & Peta

Call to the Word: Only Hope - Gardiner Sisters (Switchfoot Cover)

Spoken Word: Brené Brown on Blame

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gossip is defined as idle talk or rumor that may or may not damage another, but can also create bonding with social groups. Spectrum blogging is a good example. each contributor submits their version of Truth bonding and estrangements result. only time will reveal if Truth is advanced. Tom Z

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How we address other humans, from ages 0 to 100, can influence HOW they view themselves with fellowship with God.
I think this is the REAL problem with Perfectionism.
Perfectionism does not seem to present “Life As A Journey”. A Series of Slow Imperceptible Changes in the Individual that are difficult for the INDIVIDUAL to Measure.
Perfectionism does not talk about the “shadow self” that also needs to be developed to make one Whole.
Perfectionism is based on a "List of Not To Do’s"
Perfectionism is NOT based on a “List of To Do’s” to round out one’s character, one’s personality in order to become a COMPLETE Human Being.
Perfectionism does not take into consideration the following types of Personalities and their Problems in those Personalities:
One: rational, principled, orderly, self-righteous
Two: caring, generous, possessive, manipulative’
Three: adaptable, ambitious, image-oriented, hostile
Four: intuitive, individualistic, self-absorbed, depressive
Five: perceptive, original, provocative, eccentric
Six: engaging, responsible, defensive, anxious
Seven: enthusiastic, accomplished, excessive, manic
Eight: self-confident, decisive, dominating, combative
Nine: receptive, optimistic, complacent, disengaged.

And the ability under pressure, to move from one number to another number behavior.
YES! LOTS of problems with Perfectionism.
MEETING JESUS, allows one to Meet Jesus where one is.

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a worship experience should be God in Christ as the object. Introspectionmight be the motive factor in bring one to a worship experience. We come acknowledging who we are and what are needs are, and find inChrist the assurance of being declared His. we leave sing, Praise a God from Whom all blessings Flow. From that time snd place we share our blessings in gratitude. Worship means we have no doubt about Who God is or who we are. As Moses lived up the serpent so the pastor must up lift the Cross. That is the focal point of all time. Tom Z