Blindfolds and Michigan - A Poem

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If the members of the Michigan Conference Executive Committee Could be blindfolded And transported somehow, Unseeing, Across time and space; If they could land, Unwittingly, In the center of La Sierra University’s campus— Hole Memorial Auditorium On a Saturday evening in June: Commencement Concert Graduating students— Sacred song and string— Perhaps…

Perhaps Tears twice would overrun their eyes— The first time as Melodies, As if on swallows’ wings Wheeling on summer evening updrafts, Rolling across the rafters Pierced their uncovered ears With the gravitas of pie Jesu; As the words “It Is Well,” “Abide With Me,” “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” Drilled deep into the marrow Of their souls— Perhaps they would weep At the agonizing beauty

And the second time as, Hearing the words, “La Sierra University,” They removed their blindfolds Expecting to see “Apostates” To use their own words, But saw instead Απόστολοι—Apostles And then struck with the realization They had been drawn into worship In this Nazareth From which they had assumed No good thing could come Perhaps they would weep again.

What is needed in this day Is not teleportation— Or even tears— But rather Someone to remove The blindfolds.

Jared Wright is a member of the 2010 graduating class of La Sierra University and recipient of the President's Award for Outstanding Graduate Student.

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